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know thine enemy

Initial Brief



The party watch in horror as the writhing swarm consumes the book before disappearing. They quickly dispatch the remaining cultist and return to report to Walter Cargan. They report to him that it seems that back in the days just after the founding Sigvald the Rampant and another mage who they later find out is called Attrivium worked together to create some sort of sanctuary for souls. It seems that Sigvald supverted the plan in some way likely planning to eat all the sould coming to the afterlife. He was however eventually beaten and his knowledge of how he planned to do this ripped from him and hidden away. Unfortunately with the consumption of the book they fear that he now has this knowledge again.

The party head to the college of the stars where Darrish is able to get his geas removed by Vulstrugorn. Whilst there they also learn the names of the two mages. When they ask Damerung about them he seems to only have knowledge of the Rampant and suggests the party attempt to imprison him inside Valknut.

By questioning the captured cultist they are able to find the townhouse in which The Rampant is currently staying, when they arrive they find to no-ones surprise that there is a party in full swing. Much to Marlo's disquiets however it appears to be a house belonging to the Darrish family. Whilst Marlo stays outside and attempts to persuade the watch to clear the house the rest of the party head inside and eventually find The Rampant in an upstairs room. Rashida tells The Rampant that with the help of her Dark Master she will see him brought low the Rampant in return challenges her master to a duel however Rashida's attempts to call down the dark favour of Rowan Darrish fail. Toli meanwhile spends quite some time with the Rampant attempting to find what it is in life he enjoys and eventually finding that the closest he ever gets to happiness is when he is exercising power a sentiment which is rather approved off. Penelope attempts to break into the Rampants study but finds that for some reason she cannot force her body to step over the threshold.


  • 40 Riel
  • Has no Memory of the location of the crypt.
  • 40 Riel
  • Has been cursed by The Rampant. This will have no effect unless she ever finds herself in the physical presence of Rown Darrish in which case she should talk to a Larpo. will be aware that something magical was done to her.
  • 40 Riel
  • Has no Memory of the location of the crypt.
  • 40 riel
  • Has only vague memories of the location of the crypt
  • 40 Riel
  • Has no Memory of the location of the crypt.
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