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Aaron Fairway



What he lacks in worldly knowledge and critical thinking skills, Aaron makes up for with a high competence at dual-wielding swords, and a great passion for hitting things with these swords. He doesn't care too much for what the job is, so long as he can hit things with swords. Swords.

Ever since discovering the existence of numbers higher than two, Aaron has dreamt many a dream of wielding more than two swords at once. He isn't quite sure how to do this yet, but those he has travelled with on his adventures have provided a variety of interesting suggestions. Perhaps one day he shall investigate this further…

Having taken a break from his initial foray into adventuring, Aaron has found some purpose with the Church of the Warrior. They have the best swords. Although apparently the Warrior herself didn't have swords? Eh. Swords.

Aaron does not understand why anyone would trust a Tyrant Lizard.

  • Highest number currently known: 6 (although multiples of numbers have been considered)
  • Sword-arm: Left
  • Sword Arm: Right


Class: Fighter

Background #1: Very Tough

Background #2: Two Weapon

Combat Path: Holy Crusader (Church of the Warrior)


Additional Skill Trees: None

Quirks: Inner Circle of Jocelyn Cargan1)

XP: 31/31

  • [1] Tough [Free - Very Tough]
  • [1] Ambidextrous [Free - Two Weapon]
  • [1] Two Weapon Swiftness
  • [1] Use Weapon (Swords)
  • [1] Medium Armour Use
  • [1] Burly
  • [1] Relationship with the Church of the Warrior [Free - Holy Crusader] (does not count to XP count)
  • [2] Weapon Talent 1
  • [2] Weapon Finesse
  • [2] Strength of Arms
  • [2] Medium Armour Training
  • [2] Weapon Catching
  • [2] Tough
  • [2] Indoctrinated
  • [2] Battle Rage
  • [3] Tough
  • [3] Improved Determination
  • [3] Blessed Weapon
  • [3] Weapon Talent 2
  • [3] One With Your Weapon
  • [3] Mighty
  • [3] Medium Armour Training
  • [4] Blessed Warrior (Mighty Blow)
  • [4] Absurdly Tough
  • [4] Bloodstained Hero
  • [4] Weapon Supremacy
  • [4] Twin-Blade Rend
  • [4] Medium Armour Swiftness
  • [5] Iron Body
  • [5] Beyond Mortal Strength
  • [5] Holy Crusader
  • [5] Medium Armour Training

Stats and Calls

Body Hits: 15 = 5 (Base) + 6 (Tough x3) + 3 (Absurdly Tough) + 1 (Burly)
Armour Hits (Superior Medium Armour): 12 = 4 (Medium Armour Use) + 6 (Medium Armour Training x3) + 2 (Superior Medium Armour)

Damage: DOUBLE (Strength of Arms)

  • 3 WOUND 10s per encounter (Weapon Talent 1 + Ambidex + Weapon Supremacy)
  • 3 STRIKEDOWNs per encounter (Weapon Talent 1 + Ambidex + Weapon Supremacy)
  • 3 SHATTERs per adventure (Weapon Talent 1 + Ambidex + Weapon Supremacy)
  • 2 RENDs per encounter (Weapon Talent 2)
  • 1 extra REND or extra WOUND 10 per encounter, if holding both swords (Twin-Blade Rend)
  • 1 WEAKEN per encounter if one sword is less than 36“ (does not stack for ambidex)
  • 1 DISARM per encounter while fighting with a weapon in off-hand (Weapon Catching)

Dodges (per encounter):

  • 1 while fighting with a weapon in each hand (Two Weapon Swiftness)
  • 1 while fighting with swords (Weapon Finesse)
  • 1 while wearing medium armour (Medium Armour Swiftness)


  • Improved Determination: 4 SELF HEAL FULLs per adventure
  • Mighty: Twice per adventure, STRENGTHEN self.
  • Battle Rage: Determinations refresh per-encounter calls.
  • Bloodstained Hero: Twice per adventure, PARTY HEAL FOUR upon dropping an enemy.
  • Medium Armour Use:
    • Repair medium armour with 30 minutes work.
    • 10s repair roleplay, inorganic character on 0HP. RENEW 0.
  • Blessed Weapon: Start each adventure with one blessed weapon or one blessed armour. The effect lasts until the item leaves possession for more than a few moments or is repaired.
    • Weapon: Extra weapon call per encounter
    • Armour: Strengthened
  • Blessed Warrior: Once per encounter, 10s chanting to the Warrior. Call +1 damage on attacks for the next 10 seconds.
  • Holy Crusader: For one encounter per adventure, have unlimited use of Blessed Warrior.

Other behaviours:

  • STRENGTHENED at all times, unless WEAKENED2) (Beyond Mortal Strength)
  • Can break any mundane object with enough effort and leverage (Beyond Mortal Strength)
  • IMMUNE FEAR, although may not approach source of fear (Indoctrinated)
  • IMMUNE DISARM (One With Your Weapon)
  • IMMUNE WEAKEN (Iron Body)
  • Cursed to speak anything he seeks to hide (can be removed after next adventure played)


  • ('Anniversary' never got a debrief, so going with the stats given by GM at the time…)
  • Right arm is smashed up, but can be formed into an electric sword of bone and lightning at will
  • Result of being thrown into a mountain then fixed up again by The Thunderer
  • Counts as a Superior Sword
  • Takes SHATTER as normal, but reforms at the end of the encounter

Addictions: None


Money: 144R
(Basic Income: 9R)

(missing money from 'Anniversary')

  • (>)36” Standard Sword
  • 36“ Standard Sword
  • 36” Superior Sword
  • 36“ Mastercrafted Sword (gift from Jimmy Hoskins)
  • Standard Medium Armour
  • Superior Medium Armour x2
  • Stonehaven Sapphire (worth 60R)


1) may build upon this to gain Affiliation: Cargan by doing suitable favours for her
2) but am IMMUNE WEAKEN anyway
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