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Toli Nutt


Toli Krezell Nutt is a priest of the Tender in charge of a small church out on a hill just to the West of Acryn. Though he uses a short stick to aid his walking much of the time, he in fact has no need for it.

Toli was originally a troublesome child. When they realised he was too out of control for them to handle, his parents encouraged him to join the church in the hopes that this would reform him. Surely enough, he seemed to change and now seems to be an upstanding member of society. On the surface, at least.

In reality, he continues to be unsure of what it is that he truly wants in life, and continues to search for what actually makes him happy. Thusfar, the closest he has come is when expressing and wielding power, and so he seeks more of it, but even that is never enough.


Age 35 Birthday 15 March Gender Male
Likes Taking peoples' purposes from them, pandemonium
Dislikes Weakness, people who are content with their purpose in life
Dream To know what it is that truly drives him
Quote “It's all but a means to me. Anything that is an end to them should just be their end.”


Class: Priest (Tender) [P]

Background #1-2: Dabbler Mage (Wounding) [M]

Background #3-4: Divinely Favoured (Thunderer) [T]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Rampant) [R]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Pivot of the World) [I]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (He Who Devours Himself) [H]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Revolution) [V]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Warrior) [W]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Cleansing Tide) [C]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Well Meaning) [L]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (One True Voice) [O]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Arcane Arbiter) [A]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Shadow of Dusk) [S]

Epic Tree: Lone Defender Before the Tempest [D]

Epic Tree: Walked on the Other Side [K]


  • P1 - Divine Favour 1: Healing Light
  • P1 - Congregation (level 5)
  • P1 - Miracles 1: Geyser
  • P1 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • P1 - Medical Knowledge
  • P2 - Miracles 2: Healing Wave
  • P2 - Improved Divine Aura
  • P2 - Touch of Divinity
  • P2 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • R1 - Miraculous Power: The Projected Pain
  • R2 - Divine Aura 1
  • M1 - Spell Power: Scar of the Soul [4 protomana/adv., limit 2/enc.]
  • R2 - Miraculous Power: Gaze of Dominion
  • R3 - Greater Miraculous Power: Whisper of Temptation
  • P3 - Blessed Regeneration [HEAL FULL after down for 10 sec. once/adv.]
  • I1 - Miraculous Power: Doubting Reality
  • I2 - Divine Aura 1
  • P3 - Miracles 3: Master of Beasts
  • P4 - Miracles 4: Healing Flood
  • P4 - Miracles 4: Purification of the Body
  • M2 - Spell Power: Share the Pain [+2 protomana/adv., limit +1/enc.]
  • M3 - Greater Spell Power: Excise the Treacherous Heart [+2 protomana/adv., limit +1/enc.]
  • P3 - Divine Favour 2: Ward the Wasting
  • P4 - Divine Favour 3: Rejuvenation
  • P5 - Miracles 5: Resurrection
  • P3 - Church Backing
  • P4 - Divine Majesty
  • P4 - Miracle
  • H1 - Miraculous Power: Unhealthy Obsession
  • H2 - Divine Aura 1
  • P3 - Background Slot #3
  • P4 - Background Slot #4
  • V1 - Miraculous Power: Ward the Wasted
  • V2 - Divine Aura 1
  • W1 - Miraculous Power: Warrior's Stamina
  • W2 - Divine Aura 1
  • C1 - Miraculous Power: Cleanse the Wound
  • C2 - Divine Aura 1
  • P5 - Heirarch
  • L1 - Miraculous Power: Give You Pain
  • L2 - Divine Aura 1
  • O1 - Miraculous Power: Oh FFS
  • O2 - Divine Aura 1
  • A1 - Miraculous Power: Arbitration
  • A2 - Divine Aura 1
  • T1 - Miraculous Power: Dominion
  • T2 - Divine Aura 1
  • T3 - Greater Miraculous Power: Lightning Bolt
  • S1 - Miraculous Power: Shadow of Secrets


XP: 1

Money and Equipment

  • 254 Riel
  • 1x Standard Walking Stick (Club)
  • 1x Standard Buckler
  • 1x Standard Light Armour
  • 1x Potion bottle of still-potent Flux “Monster Spray” - May be used as an artefact component, or may have some effect at vanquishing Flux monsters, at GM discretion
  • 3x Plug the Flow of Life (HEAL 0)
  • 1x Resist Fatigue
  • 1x Nightsight
  • 1x Revenant
  • 1x Transformation Potion (Adventure duration Body Alteration effect from Path of Transformation tree, can sell at 36 Riel)
  • 1x The Keeper's Watch - Points like a compass to the nearest site of draconic incursion into whichever world it is in. The larger and more dangerous the draconic incursion, the more accurate the direction.
  • 1x The Gambler's Coin - When tossed (even by other people), always displays the side of Toli's choosing
  • 1x ???'s Talisman - A holy talisman to something that reduces all damage from fire by 2 (whatever that means), makes the wearer feel bitterly cold.
  • 1x Small Knife infused with the power of the Shadow of Dusk - may be used to try to form a connection to the god, or solidified into use of a fixed miracle per encounter
  • 1x Wilted Tender Miracle Bush - Kept him sustained in a desert for many days, faint divine connection to the Tender


  • Large Church (+36 Riel/adventure, 1 reasonable off-screen task/adventure, 1 blessed item/adventure, Church Backing now provides Superior equipment, 1 dedication of Holy Champion ever)


  • Blessing of the Builder - One use of the Builder's Divine Inspiration skill
  • Fragmented soul - can freely move between Soul Pacts taking a REND each time

Additional Notes

Current set of Auras:

  • Tender (Majestic): Party - HEAL 2 at end of encounter, can HEAL 2 self once per encounter when conscious
  • Rampant: Self - Focus on extolling desire to break mind-altering effects, DO AS YOU WILL on others per 10s
  • He Who Devours Himself: Party - After death count, 2 mins on -3 hits, then recently dead for several days
  • Revolution: Party - 2 DODGE per encounter vs. Nobles/Guild members/Priests (chosen at start of adventure)
  • Warrior: Party - +1 damage or RESIST WEAKEN once per encounter
  • Cleansing Tide: Party - 1 ranged STRIKEDOWN per encounter, don't drown or bleed out in the ocean
  • Well Meaning: Party - HEAL ZERO on hitting 0 hits for the first time per encounter
  • One True Voice: Party - 1 RESIST to mind-latering effects per encounter
  • Arcane Arbiter: Party - Once per encounter can call REND at someone they feel has violated a deal with them
  • Thunderer: Self - Manifest lightning weapon on DISARM or SHATTER, IMMUNE SHATTER but dissipates on DISARM, once per encounter


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