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Clan Wars

Initial Brief

The Darrish family are looking to hire independent troubleshooters to help a trade partner resolve a domestic matter severely impacting profit margins. Applicants must be competent, discrete and willing to travel.



The party fight there way through Ocean storms and anomaly attacks to eventually reach the isle of the old ones in time for the trial of Larissa. Larissa herself they meet on the gauntlet on the way in floating upon a raft her own ship also having been wrecked in a storm.

The parties testimony combined with the fact that they have the true culprit in custody swiftly leads to Larissa's acquittal. Mevaris is put upon a raft and given to the maw whilst the two previously warring clans put aside their differences and both begin to strong arm clan Kedmal into paying them reparations. A party is held afterwards to celebrate the cessation of hostilities.

Marlo arranges for the shipments of mana to continue now that the issue has been dealt with and arranges for Hugh's ship the crimson mother to take a shipment back to Acryn upon their return in exchange for a cut. Hugh manages to persuade the cabin boy he was using to navigate the deep flux to stay on his ship luring him with promises of exploring the world.

Armand meanwhile negotiates a trade contract of his own between House Cargan and clan Leraki hoping to break the growing Darrish monopoly on trade with the south. Armand also attempts to form an agreement with Hugh concerning protecting this trade but this turns out to not last very long.

Darius meanwhile has his eyes set upon the Tome of the deeps which rests in the center of the temple. After the gathering has died down he puppeteers a priest into throwing it off a ledge only for him clinging on beneath the ledge to catch it. The priests assume somewhat correctly that the power of a dragon has caused the book to be thrown away and vanish into the maw and no suspicion falls on him.

With everything resolved the party begin the journey back to Acryn Marlo, Darius and Hugh upon the Crimson mother whilst Armand travels back with the first shipment from clan Leraki.

Upon returning to Acryn Marlo, Hugh and Darius report back to Olivia and get paid. Armand against his will also gets sent a payment but donates it to the tender church instead. Marlo and Olivia meanwhile attempt to disrupt the Cargan trade as much as possible. The Darrish fleet previously sitting at anchor are sent out as privateers seizing the Cargan vessels before they can enter Acryn waters and redirecting their cargo. In this they are aided by Hugh who pirates all ships except those belonging to the Darrish's or clan Breket. The Cargans attempt to fight back but their current lack of ships means that they struggle not to lose a significant portion of their trade.



  • Various amounts of money which I have forgotten hopefully you have noted it down.
  • Expert sailor epic tree.


  • His ship has been brought to life through the grace of the Tender. The ship will now gradually repair itself from damage and can be affected by heal calls. The ship will also safeguard the lives of those who walks it's decks allowing anyone on board to call a Heal zero the first time they drop to zero hits in an encounter.
  • He has recruited a young wayfinder from the southern isles allowing his ship to operate in the deep flux although Hugh himself will still feel the negative effects. This does rely on him continuing to persuade the young man that working for him is suitably interesting and enriching however.


  • Olivia Darrish is once again very happy.


  • Has stolen the Tome of the Deeps. The book is actually an extant portal to the prison realm of Valknut allowing the more devout priests to attempt to communicate. Darius does not currently know what it does.
  • When the book is opened a giant hole in the world is formed. Mechanically, this relocates the entire encounter to within Valknut. The consequences of this are at GM discretion, but are likely to raise the stakes considerably, and make running away a really, really bad idea. The immediate area will return to the world with all occupants after a period of three minutes. After it has been opened once the book cannot be opened again that adventure.
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