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A Broken Throne



The party are hired by the council to travel to the lands of the Atlan and trade the valuables they are escorting for the throne of the demiurge. They travel to the Atlan lands on a boat from the southern isles. On the way they encounter kraken, storms and pirates but eventually manage to make landfall in the Atlan lands. They sail inland on a river fighting of flesh eating horses and the flying lizards now living the the ruins of the Levistation.

They meet with some representatives of the Atlan who are happy with the deal to get rid of the dangerous magical artifacts but still seem upset about the missing souls issue. After this they travel to the location of the throne stopping briefly on the way to save some magical books from burning. They then fight of the remaining wards and being to move the throne towards he ship. They are assailed on the way by desperate hobo mages as well as a priest of the Mare of Night who wishes to claim their souls in recompense.

When they get back to Acryn they find that their agreed upon meeting is not there and that instead several strangers are present. These strangers attempt to kill them but are defeated. Some other strangers then approach and attempt to bribe the party with money eventually going as high as a thoasand riel a head to hand over the throne to them, such that Richard Dyne can use it to help remake the world. When they ask for a demonstration of this the mage drops the local region into undefined space and attempts to convince the party that pure potential is much better. This proves ultimately fruitless however as the party defeat him and cut him down. They then find themselves alone in an endless void as strange shapes start to surround them. Some of these whisper that they must remake the world whilst others attempt to rent them apart. Eventually however they are able to reform the dock around them.


A brief search of the village uncovers their original greeting party dead in one of the shacks. Marlo is initially horrified to find the dead body of Ghitta Darrish but despite appearing to be dead she seems to get up unharmed. After a brief discussion they decide to move the throne to a nearby Darrish estate rather than take it into the city. Transport has been arranged and soon the throne is ensconced in a cave on the estate with both Ghitta Darrish and Walter Cargan setting up wards around it to prevent unwanted meddling. The party are sworn to secrecy about the thrones location as everyone agrees that keeping it out of the hands of the wrong sort of mage is of the upmost importance. The party also turn over the books they recovered from the Magisterium for an additional reward.

Travelling back to the city the party meet up with the captain of the southern isles vessel and collect their share of the bounty from the captured privateer vessel. Felicity and Marlo also arrange a meeting between the captain and Olivia Darrish. This goes smoothly as the Southern isles clan and house Darrish strike a preliminary bargain to work together. The basic gist of the bargain struck being that both will profit from setting up a trade monopoly and that house Darrish will share it's magical expertise with the southern islanders in return for their wayfinding expertise at travelling in the deep flux. They all agree to not share any of this with the wayfinders guild.

The priest of the Mare of Night who travelled back with the party is given an audience with the council to discuss the matter of the stolen souls. Afterwards the party are able to persuade him that they have done everything within their power to help and he agrees to cleanse them of the poison his compatriot inflicted.



  • Has gained the favour of Olivia Darrish after helping her make lot's of money and undermine the wayfinders guild. This gives him the Inner Circle Olivia Darrish quirk.
  • Has been death cursed by a priest of the Mare of Night. This has driven him closer to the realm of the dead. When on his death count he may slip free of his body and astrally project as a disembodied soul, this does not halt the death count and whilst out of his body staunching will be ineffective any healing will jerk him back. He also has a lock of stark white hair and takes a rend whenever he is healed whilst on his death count.
  • 100 riel


  • Has gained the favour of Olivia Darrish after helping her make lot's of money and undermine the wayfinders guild. This gives her the Inner Circle Olivia Darrish quirk.
  • Has had a significant experience within undefined space.
  • 100 riel + guild bonus


  • 100 riel.

Inner Circle Quirk

You are a trusted confederate of the named person. This means that they will in general trust you with information they may have which is pertinent to your current circumstances. Once per adventure you may use any contacts they might have as if they were your own provided you can justify talking to them. The flipside of this however is that you will be expected to aid them with their own plans when asked and pass along any information you find. Not doing so will likely lose you this benefit.

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