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Hailing from Valydd and a reputable crew of raiders, Hallsteinn had his hand on an axe practically all his life. When raiding opportunities became more difficult and Hallsteinn became tired of doing the same thing over and over again for sustenance and little profit, an idea formed around the rumours and tales of far-off Acryn.

Having little more than a cultural disdain for magic, Hallsteinn chose to embrace the potential opportunities of a distant land and signed up to protect a merchant caravan heading to Acryn. With an eye for work, a well-honed axe and strong shield-arm, Hallsteinn has taken to mercenary work in the city.


Class: Fighter - Mercenary

Background #1: Survival

Background #2: Diplomat


  • The Right People (Merc)
  • Knowing how to sell yourself (Merc)
  • Use Weapon - Axe
  • Weapon Talent - Axe
  • Medium Shield
  • Shield Switness
  • Tough
  • Burly
  • Strength of Arms
  • Survivalist (Survival)
  • Diplomacy (Diplomat)

Equipment 114R 75 + 55 + (10) Light Armour Axe Sword Medium Shield 1 x Plug the Flow

Stats 8 + 2 hits Doubles 2 weaken 1 rend 2 resist shatter/disarm/strikedown 1 dodge + 1


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