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A study in misery

Initial Brief

Henry Bogart, a once prominent merchant now living destitute in the slums, stands accused of having murdered his wife. Protesting his innocence he is using the last of his funds to hire some private investigators in an attempt to clear his name.


Felicity - Felicity

Man of many means - James W

Emilio Redan - Vicky

Hugh - Tom

Simon - Zac

Silvio -Dave


The party first head to the Church of the Tender to talk to the missing caravan guard. They find him tormented and still seemingly in pain. Councillor White recruits them to help him cure the man of whatever ails him and together they travel inside the man's soul. There they find a figure calling themselves the Lady of Wrath and Sorrow who seems to be tormenting the man even now. They eventually drive the creature off and the man is now able to tell them how it was the very creature who attacked his caravan. The Man of Many Means recognises the creature as one of the Fae and is able to restore some level of sight to the man with a nightlight alchemical manipulation.

Next they go talk to Henry's daughter who apparently witnessed him killing his wife and informed the Watch of such. When they get to the orphanage at which she is currently residing they find it strangely empty with only a single member of staff at the front desk. Upstairs the party find the children playing a game of kings and queens in which Matilda is the Queen whilst downstairs they find the bodies of all the staff members cut up and sewn together in the kitchen. Upstairs the game quickly turns violent as Matilda orders the children to kill each other and the party are forced to intervene. The children themselves are easily defeated except for Matilda who shows surprising skill with a knife before being cut down and disappearing.

As they attempt to leave the orphanage the party hear noise from the kitchen and find Matilda cavorting around the twisted pile of flesh which is now moving to attack the party. Eventually the monstrosity is destroyed and Matilda brought to ground. As she falls, however, a strange light begins to fill her eyes and she lifts back up into the air. Chained screaming spirits appear and being to assail the party. This is eventually dealt with and in the aftermath the party discover that Matilda, far from being Henry's daughter, appears to be a Fae. They lock her in a suit of iron and leave her at the Wayfinders' Guild.

On their way through the city towards the estate of Symth the party encounter a group of Wayfinders from the East Empire Company and the Wayfinders' Guild having a standoff. Hugh, surprisingly, sides with the East Empire Company. Two 'Shake Reality's Fetters' go down, transforming the area into Double Flux, in which Hugh revels. A hopeless flurry of Concussive Bolts ensues, but the East Empire Company Wayfinders eventually make their escape. Arriving at Smyth's house, the party fight their way past a bloodthirsty hedge before going to talk to Sythm. After Felicity identifies him as one of the Fae creatures, the party lure his guardian sentinels outside and kill them. They trivially deal with Symth once he is alone. As he falls, the light once more fills his form and a familiar voice mocks the party as they are again assailed by ghostly foes.

Searching Symth's house, the party find instructions on how to enter the domain of these creatures, where they believe the children may be being held. They walk thrice around the tree and enter a strange realm. The realm, to most of the party, looks beautiful and pure; to Emilio it just all looks oddly grey; and to the Man of Many Means, simply a nightmare of darkness and fractal lines.

Here the party once again encounter the Lord of Rage and Sorrow, with his hunting party. They fight their way past and come to the crystal spire of the Lady of Pain and Starlight. Inside they see several captive children, serving the Fae in a pitiful manner, and a fierce battle ensues. As the Lady of starlight is cut down, her form suffuses with green light and the being rises with more power than ever. Beset and close to death, Felicity Morning ascends to Godhood, driving the creature back and allowing the party to carry the day. The Man of Many means uses his prodigious surgical skill to save Matilda. Sadly all the other captive children perished (albeit mostly by his hand during the fight).


With the testimony of Matilda the party is able to clear Henry's name and he pays them all as promised. The party then goes to the Wayfinders' Guild and sells them the body of one of the dead fae whom they brought back. They donate another to the College of the Stars and Silvio and Felicity sell a third to Jimmy Hoskins.

A full accounting of Hugh's recent actions is given to the Wayfinders' Guild and they attempt to remand him for questioning. He flees however and is removed from the Guild Council. Hugh instead joins the East Empire Company persuading Henry Bogart to come along with him to help restart his business.

Emilio fills in his family on all of the dodgy goings on adding yet more files to the blackmail folders.



  • 140 Riel


  • An additional amount of Riel from Jimmy.
  • Has ascended to Godhood.


  • An additional amount of Riel from Jimmy.


  • Has been kicked out of the Wayfinders' Guild. Has however joined the East Empire Company, transferring any Wayfinders' Guild-related skills.
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