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Emilio Redan the Creator


Emilio is the vain and materialistic child of House Redan of Margush. Currently he has been sent to Acryn to help build ties with their noble houses. He wants nothing more than to earn enough money to build a sizeable castle and to win the heart of a pretty Acryn noble, preferably one with very rich parents.

Given the offer to have his every wish fulfilled for all eternity being too good to refuse, Emilio elected to take the Creator's place within the Citadel in Carleon.



Background #1:Nobility

Background #2:

Epic tree: Organisational ties: Acryn Socialites


  • Use Weapon: Sword
  • Weapon Talent 1: Sword
  • Weapon Talent 2: Sword
  • Medium armour use
  • Medium shield use
  • Tough 1
  • Tough 2
  • Tough 3
  • Absurdly Tough
  • Medium armour training
  • Burly
  • Strength of arms
  • Beyond mortal strength
  • Iron Body
  • Improved determination
  • Medium armour training 1
  • Medium armour training 2
  • Medium armour swiftness
  • Medium armour training 3
  • Shield swiftness
  • Weapon finesse
  • One with your weapon
  • Dampen blow
  • Affiliation: Margushian Embassy (Question)
  • Reputed (Equipment)
  • Backing (Resolve an issue)
  • Champion

Noble skills

  • Wealth 1
  • Wealth 2
  • Connections: Nobility (House Graves)
  • Connections: Council (Diplomatic ties)

Organisational Ties: Acryn Socialites

  • Affiliation (Question)

Epic Tree: Perfection of Form

  • Perfect visage
  • Perfect thought
  • Perfect Intent

Epic Tree: Lone defender before the tempest

Epic Tree: Arena fighter


  • Medium shield
  • Medium armour
  • Sword
  • Superior Medium armour (can count as mastercrafted)
  • Artefact sword: Counts as mastercrafted and grants the user the use of two agility per adventure (Note: needs repairing)
  • 3 Heal 4
  • Riel: 182 R + 575R
  • Income: 54 R
  • Hits 16+10 (+4 from heirloom armour)

Calls: Immune strikedown on shield, 2 resists on shield, 1 wound 10, 1 strikedown, 1 rend an encounter, 1 shatter an adventure, Immune disarm sword, 3 dodges

XP Spent




  • A particularly dashing scar across his face
  • A very nice singing voice
  • His alter ego “The Dancer” is known for his rivalry with the “Lascivious Lion”. Emilio is working out how best to monetise his reputation.
  • Extremely beautiful, definitely NOT IN A CREEPY WAY (additional effects TBA)


  • Small estate


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