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Heart of the Machine

Initial Brief

Figures within Acryn's underworld have been recruiting competent individuals to aid in a great task for the betterment of humankind. Those who are interested are asked to come to the church of the machine. No squeamish people payment upon success.



The party head out to unify the disparate factions of Altieri’s crime family, which is largely successful. They then acquire a colossal mana crystal before heading out to perform the ritual to complete the church. With the church complete Unit03 begins the conversion process, with members of the newly unified crime family fed into processor which outputs automatons. The process is fairly gruesome and the last straw for many members of the party who had been developing doubts over the course of the adventure. A fight breaks out between Unit03 and the rest of the party as they attempt to prevent the conversion process, with Cor taking the lead. As other members of the party give up on the fight and both the Builder and Warrior churches turn up to deal with the Church of the Machine, Cor continues to fight Unit03. Outside Ragnar uses his power to ensure that neither the Church of the Machines minions nor the Priests of the Warrior are capable of defeating the other.

Inside the church Unit03 finally defeats Cor, and prepares the church to leave. The party attempt to remove Cor’s body and Ragnar uses his power to allow Cor to fight again. Cor finds himself in an automaton body which is distinct from the Church.

The Church itself rears up on 8 massive legs and exits the city. Later reports indicate that it is moving from village to village, harvesting people to create new automata, although it is preceded by a swarm of Ravens which warn of its coming.

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