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The Council

This page is by no means complete, and is what I could cobble together from across the Wiki. Please correct, amend, add, as memory serves and sees fit!

There are 30 seats on the Acryn Council. They are currently occupied as follows:

Seats for Nobility (8 seats)

House Cargan (4 seats)

House Darrish (1 seat)

House Graves (1 seat)

House Salic (1 seat)

House Terrec (1 seat)

Elected Seats for the City Districts (5 seats)

College Seats (2 seats)

College of the Stars (1 seat)

People's College (1 seat)

  • Occupied

Guild and Union Seats (5 seats)

Wayfinders' Guild (1 seat)

  • Occupied

Unions (2 seats)

  • Sailors Union
  • Miners Union

Guilds (2 seats)

  • Spicers Guild
  • Vinters Guild

Church Seats (4 seats)

Builder Church (1 seat)

  • Requires appointment following the death of the High Architect

Leader Church (1 seat)

Tender Church (1 seat)

  • Milos Darrish

Warrior Church (1 seat)

Shield of Acryn (1 seat)

Appointed or Otherwise Elected Seats (5 seats)

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