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What was a small city with a vibrant mining economy to the West of the Blue Mountains. Very shortly before the Upheaval the city was evacuated due to large and dangerous rock slides which began to occur around that time. News of this had not spread by the time the Upheaval occurred, and thus the city still exists, now entirely as a thing of Flux, given shape largely by the expectations of the people of Caul.

Though the city did not originally have any particularly strong religious leanings, a misprint in a popular Caulish guidebook around the time had swapped the names of Stonehaven and Stonehove, the latter being a small village somewhat closer to Caul. As such, the Flux citizens of Stonehaven are now substantially more devoted to the Lord of the Rock than the original city's inhabitants.

The local mines produced a particularly fine and prized variant of sapphire, featuring streaks of silver running through the middle. Whilst beautiful to behold, these are now a rarity as the mining operations have been lost to the Flux.


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