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Duke Corlo Graves


Duke Corlo Graves is a staunch traditionalist in his sixties and head of the Graves family. Duke Corlo is reluctant to work with Acryn's own merchant classes, and some of the younger members of house Graves are rumoured to be unhappy about this state of affairs, as the success of their peers in other houses starts to make their birth look like more of a hindrance than a help in making a splash in the modern city. This has only intensified since the upheaval - the massive increase in the difficulty of trade, especially in the first six months after the Upheaval, rocked the foundations of the house, and Duke Corlo is rumoured to have seen off several attempts on his own life from within before business picked up. Apparently in deference to pressure from within, the Duke has recently signed a long term partnership with the Wayfinder's guild.


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