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Lady Rosemile


Lady Rosemile is the only known heir to the estates of the Rosemile family, a relatively small noble family of Acryn. Born to a mother who died in childbirth, she was raised and sheltered by her overprotective father, Lord Peridot Rosemile. As such, she has read much of the ways of the outside world, but has little experience of it, generally only leaving her home to attend parties held by noble families.

Lord Peridot recently ventured out of the city on unspecified business, and has not been seen since. In accordance with old city laws and family tradition, Lady Rosemile now stands to inherit the family estates in a few months if he does not return. Without the man around to curb her curiosity, she has now begun to get out and see the world, adventuring in the hopes of finding out where her father went and if he is still alive.

It is tradition that children of the Rosemile family are named after precious gemstones, which are then considered their personal stone. Lady Rosemile is no exception to this, though she is hesitant to publicly use her first name as she has been taught not to share it with commoners. In spite of her general contempt for the common and the poor that stems from her upbringing, she has a secret curiosity about the ways of the common people and these things that she has read about such as farms, beer and coal mining.


Age 23 Birthday 7 February Gender Female
Likes Geoffry and Gina, afternoon tea
Dislikes Not knowing about things, insolence
Dream To find her father and bring glory to the Rosemile lineage
Quote “Geoffry! Gina! Make preparations for tea at once!”


Class: Wayfinder [W]

Insight: Master Shaper [S]

Background #1: Nobility [N]

Background #2: Weaponry - Rapier [R]

Epic Tree: Traveler of the Lost Places [L]

Epic Tree: Canvas of Creation [C]


  • W1 - Find the Path (Free)
  • N1 - Wealth (Trust fund)
  • W1 - Know the Flux's Touch
  • W1 - Inertial Barrier
  • R1 - Use Weapon: Rapier
  • W2 - Flux Shaping: Items
  • N2 - Connections: Nobility
  • W2 - Lash Out
  • W2 - Choose the Path
  • R2 - Weapon Talent 1: Rapier [+2 WEAKEN/DISARM]
  • Wealth Level 2 (Trust fund)
  • W3 - Flux Shaping: Landscaping
  • S3 - Shifting Sands
  • W3 - Concussive Bolt
  • W2 - Patch the Cracks
  • W2 - Repair the Form
  • W3 - Repairing Inertial Barrier
  • S3 - Unmaking
  • W4 - Flux Shaping: Worldshaping
  • S4 - Flux Masterwork
  • S4 - Fluxquake
  • W3 - Shake Reality's Fetters
  • R3 - Weapon Potency: Rapier [+THROUGH]
  • W3 - Heal the Flux Flesh
  • W4 - Tear the Flux Flesh
  • W3 - Durable Inertial Barrier
  • W4 - Resilient Inertial Barrier
  • S5 - Flux Surrogate
  • W4 - Destabilisation
  • W4 - Airblade Shaping
  • W5 - Annihilation of Form
  • L3 - Falling Off the Face of the World
  • W1 - Light Armour Training [+1 Armour]
  • W2 - Light Armour Swiftness [+1 DODGE]
  • W5 - Restoring Inertial Barrier
  • W3 - Restore the Form
  • W4 - Flux Summoning
  • W5 - Permanent Stabilisation
  • N3 - Connections: Council


XP: 0

Money and Equipment

  • 657 Riel
  • 2x Standard Rapier
  • 1x Standard Light Armour
  • Lord Jasper Rosemile's personal gemstone containing his soul bound up in it


  • Has the loyalty of a low-ranking member of House Cargan and associated retinue seeking a bloodless return of the royalty to Acryn
  • An oath sworn before the Leader to work towards said bloodless revolution
  • Has had a metaphysically important experience inside a Lost Space
  • Has used Destabilisation (-1 hit in Consensus, can no longer remember her family name, though still recalls the importance of it)
  • Pending dragon-related consequences and Stabilisation consequences


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