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Faith and Hope

Initial Brief

The Council puts out a call for adventurers to track down the Last House of Andrinavana the Untamed.


Lucien Albar - James G
Geoffry Weathers- Dave H
Lady Rosemile- Chaos


The party are shown the last vision of Krista Salic by Faith, the elderly wizard who has bound herself within the tomb of Melinda Salic which is now within a lost space in order to keep the vision safe for those that would one day come. The party watch as Acryn is torn apart by the forest by Andrinavana the Untamed’s ritual. Crucially the stars in the vision reveal both the timing of the ritual and when Andrinavana will be at her most vulnerable. Faith lies dying as the vision fades away, stating even if the party could save her now she would rather be released from her watch. Lucien uses a ritual of the Leader to ensure that her soul might be free to return to the afterlife. The party convince Faith’s descendants to leave with them for Acryn, taking Melinda’s sarcophogas with them. Lady Rosemile experiments with the edge of the lost space, trying best to understand how it interacts with her wayfinding. The lost space tries to resist as they attempt to leave but they are protected by Faith’s soul which manifests briefly as a giant golden raven before vanishing, presumably heading to Acryn’s afterlife.

Meanwhile Gina Weather, who has been taking care of the Sapphire estate in her lady’s absence, is visited by the dragonborn Moonless Night and his entourage of former villains. He manages to convince her that he was sent here by her lady and her brother, who he met at the Last House of Andrinavana. He explains he was turned from his evil ways by the former demiurge of the Magisterium, by coincidence called Lucien, and the recently returned from the dead Primal, Dawn. He seeks now to return to what he once was and has gathered up a group of humans also seeking redemption. He suggests that Lucien would like the opportunity to try and redeem Andrinavana too. Gina welcomes them to stay on the estate but not without taking precautions. There are a couple of close calls when Rider, the former magisterium mage, manages to get hold of some mana; when Fiyero, the ex-hierarch of the Leader, tries to mind control some servants; when recovering pyro-maniac Liz almost gets hold of some matches, or when Jeff, who no one really knows why is there, is found inexplicably wandering the private part of the house. In general the group seem to have a good system of keeping each other’s worst impulses in check.

Meanwhile the party are stopped at the City Gates by some watchmen, who are suspicious of the giant sarcophogas they carry. A runner fetches Julius Ravensfall and Corlo Graves, who are also joined by Rodrigo Starling. The party reveal that these are the last remains of Melinda Salic and press for them to be restored to the city. Corlo Graves suggest they be given pride of place in the new council chambers, which are being reconstructed. The party later debrief Julius Ravensfall in his private council office and are paid 80 riel, plus a further 20 by a very pleased Corlo Graves. They tell Ravensfall what they have learned of the Andrinavana threat and also reveal the existence of Moonless Night, with whom Ravensfall is keen to speak. They mention that the spirit known as Burning Rain might be loose in the city, which concerns Ravensfall.

Later at the Sapphire estate Ravensfall speaks with Moonless Night and his retinue, coming quickly to the conclusion that although they are very dangerous they may also prove useful. He agrees they should remain guests of the Rosemile family and dispatches a troop from the Circle to help look after them.

Helena Weathers, learning that her master is dead, returns to Acryn, along with a young child that she claims is her daughter. She is currently working as a wayfinder for hire but can also be considered a friend of the Rosemile family.

The Rosemile printing press sends out propaganda that the enshrinement of Melinda Salic’s remains should be taken as a sign that the Council accepts once more the Royal line. Popular sentiment seems once again to be swinging to the pro-Royalist. Anyone with a council connectons will know this is not true, as only half the councillors seemed to support the move. The civil service is particularly angry at the decision.


Lady Rosemile

  • 100R
  • Has had a significant experience in a lost space
  • For discussion with LARPO- may qualify for Traveller in Lost Spaces epic tree
  • The soul of Jasper Rosemile bound within a fragment of precious stone that is his namesake. With the intervention of someone with suitable skills she may be able to talk to him.

Lucien Albar

  • Truthbringer- a mastercrafted sword bound with a miracle of the Leader, such that the bearer may never tell a lie whilst they wield it. Will have additional effects should he kill an entity he believes sentient with it or should it be shattered or stolen.
  • 100 R

Geoffry Weathers

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