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Thys means War!

Initial Brief

The city council of Acryn seeks a group of enterprising individuals to travel to the isle of Thys and assist with efforts against the ongoing Serradic occupation. Pay will be generous.

Rumours spreading through the city's adventuring taverns suggest that this mission had been intended for the Circle of the Broken Wing but Commander Ravensfall prevailed upon the Council to send more expendable assets. Rumour also suggests that petty criminals wanting their slate wiped clean may be able to get a pardon in exchange for their service. General consensus is that it's some flavour of suicide mission.



Arriving back in Acryn the group return to the dingy office where they recieved their assignment and are promptly rewarded with their promised payments. Theo makes his indignation at their abandonment known but the clerk is dismissive of his grandstanding and he leaves promising to make the bureaucrat pay for his slights. Rodrigo heads off to report into the Watch whilst Evan pops down the hall for a more in depth briefing from his superiors. Pig hands over a copy of the alchemical notes she recovered (much to the clerk's delight) and hangs about to provide a detailed account of the various mean people they encountered.

At the Watch-house Rodrigo is informed that his civic service has not gone unnoticed and he is being returned to active duty. In light of his multitude of mystic maladies however it has been decided that he'll be assisting the patrols securing Acryn's borders rather than working in the city. He is also told that Pig is a person of interest to the Watch but declines to give up his companions location.

Theo returns to the Cargan estates and makes public his activities in Thys. His 'patron' Alastair is quick to take credit for the idea and as a result is now less able to utilise his blackmail material without hurting his own standing. Expectation within house Cargan is that Theophilius will be spearheading a campaign to return the island to the family's possession in the not too distant future.

After handing over the artifact sea charts, Evan provides a full breakdown of events to the Secret Service who reveal that the purpose of the mission was not actually to prepare for an invasion of the isle, but rather to assist with a risky Strossbourgian proposal to evacuate a large number of citizens across the great ocean, to escape their current draconic peril. Evan explains what Pig told him of the events that lead to the transportation of Tuireann's forest across the waters, and the intelligence agents set about hunting down the clockwork golem. Afterwards, much to Evan's frustrations, his memories of the debriefing are removed with fracturing magic and he is sent on his way with a pat on the back. Afterwards seeking a way to safely partition ones mind he visits the Strossbourg embassy and inquires about knowledge of their Familiar creation ritual. When he expresses his willingness to share knowledge of the rite of Dissolution the Senior Ambassadors suddenly find themselves free for a meeting at his earliest convenience.

Pig takes the visage of a well to do merchant and visits the Clockmakers' Guild, acquiring the services of Unit 019 in exchange for a 50R deposit. She promptly takes the automata to the abandoned home of the Archemage and begins the haphazard process of breaking down its programming. Unit 019 never makes it back to the Guild.


  • Access to Secret Agent epic tree
  • 150R
  • Loremaster broadens to include Strossbourgian Familiar creation.
  • May advance one lvl in the Intelligence Service
  • Sundry collected oddities.
  • 100R
  • Reinstated to the Watch
  • Now has no heart- this means that any removal of his vampiric status will be instantly fatal unless a replacement is arranged first.
  • 100R
  • Will completely lose the Owned quirk if he participates in the successful liberation of Thys
  • Agreement from House Cargan to go halves on the cost of a ship.
  • Can perform a 'Heart Transplant' wounding ritual
  • Mystery Pebble
  • 60R
  • No longer generates infinite blood
  • Is a robo-vampire with access to the Children of the Night Epic Tree
  • Stolen Clockwork Automaton
  • All-Seeing Eye alchemical notes
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