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Selphina Reese


A girl in her late teens from the slums of Acryn, Selphina Reese discovered after reading a discarded book she found that she has something of a knack for magic, a talent she takes pride in and practices when not busy helping to provide for her family.

She was one of the victims of the experiments of mad binding mage Lhasya Esdras during the events of Misery Loves Company. Kidnapped and experimented upon, part of her was suppressed so that she along with others might be controlled to perform magic in unison for amplified power (in itself a flawed idea that proved to not work). However, an unexpected side-effect of this was allowing the dragon Tuireann to gain some control over her.

She travelled with the adventurers who were investigating the incident, guiding them away from the city to find her close friend and love interest Enna Walker, who was also one of the victims. After she herself attacked the adventurers, a Wounding ritual by Saul Logan was able to cleanse her of the dragon's influence, but left her with an enormous scar in the shape of a dragon across her body, reaching up to her face.

Though a bit annoyed by the scar and somewhat traumatised by the whole ordeal, she was somewhat inspired by the adventurers who saved her (and the sorts of amounts they get paid), and thus took up a career in adventuring herself.

Since that adventure, she has been in a slightly awkward teen romance-type relationship with Enna.

During The Memory of Chains, whilst under various influences she submitted to the will of Tuireann in the hopes of this allowing her to be closer to Enna. Following the adventure, she has been living in the Ancient Forest with Enna, Darius and Nice Lizard, and more recently with Millicent and a couple of the pirates who used to crew Hugh's boat. Initially they were in the Evil Eye, but after Selphina had created the Blood Forest they moved in there. Now that the forest has moved to the Eastern continent, they're currently staying back at the Evil Eye again.

Perhaps it is Stockholm Syndrome, but given that she is now closer to Enna than ever before, and rather enjoying her new life with the others whom she has come to see as her family, she has decided that Tuireann is a force of love who is rather misunderstood. Putting aside her occasional ultra-domme moments when her affinity for Binding gets the better of her, she is genuinely well-meaning, if horrifically misguided.


Age 19 Birthday 19 June Gender Female
Likes Enna, love
Dislikes People who mock the idea of love, things which hurt Enna
Dream To live happily and peacefully with Enna
Quote “These trees are an expression of love, from which this power also comes.”


Class: Mage [M] (Fracturing/Binding)

Background #1: Weaponry - Bastard Sword [B]

Background #2: Diplomat [D]

Background #3: First Aid [F]

Extra Background: Divinely Favoured (Arcane Arbiter) [A]

Epic Tree: Servant of Tuireann [T]

Epic Tree: Lone Defender Before the Tempest [L]

Epic Tree: Totem Spirit - Ancient Forest [S]


  • M1 - Primary Rite Spell 1: Fault of Footing
  • M1 - Primary Rite Spell 1: Faults Unveiled
  • M1 - Secondary Rite Spell 1: Bind Wound
  • M1 - Protomana Tolerance 1 [+1 Protomana]
  • M1 - Use Implement
  • M2 - Primary Rite Spell 2: Sapping Steel
  • M2 - Mana Simulation [1 secondary rite cast from protomana/encounter]
  • B1 - Use Weapon: Bastard Sword
  • B2 - Weapon Talent 1: Bastard Sword [DOUBLE]
  • M1 - Mana Sense
  • M2 - Minor Ritual Casting
  • M3 - Retrieve Implement
  • M2 - Primary Rite Spell 2: Fault of Memory
  • T3 - Vines of Tuireann [+1 ENTANGLE, 1 Puppeteer/adv.]
  • M3 - Primary Rite Spell 3: Fault of Temperance
  • M1 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • T3 - Forest's Dominion
  • M3 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • M3 - Ritual Caster
  • M2 - Distill Mana
  • M3 - Implement Experience
  • M3 - Background Slot #3
  • F1 - Emergency Aid
  • F2 - Patch Up
  • M3 - Primary Rite Spell 3: Fault of Earth
  • M4 - Primary Rite Spell 4: Fault of Focus
  • T4 - Visions of Tuireann
  • M5 - Dragonsoul Implement
  • M2 - Protomana Tolerance 2 [+1 Protomana]
  • M3 - Protomana Tolerance 3 [+1 Protomana]
  • M5 - Protomana Tolerance 4 [+1 Protomana]
  • M4 - Primary Rite Spell 4: Fault of Sight
  • M4 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • M1 - Light Armour Training [+1 Armour]
  • M2 - Light Armour Swiftness [+1 DODGE]
  • M5 - Master Ritualist
  • T5 - The Ancient Forest
  • M5 - Primary Rite Spell 5: Fault of Existence


XP: 1

Money and Equipment

  • 9 Riel
  • 1x Standard Bastard Sword
  • 1x Standard One-handed Sword
  • 1x Standard Light Armour
  • 3x Mana Crystal
  • 1x Unstable Mana Crystal (explodes on use)
  • 1x Sandy-coloured wig
  • 1x Violet cravat
  • 1x Assortment of arcane tomes formerly belonging to Gerbera Unnuttum


  • An enormous scar in the shape of a dragon across her body
  • Once per adventure, a golem made of her own flesh and blood bursts out of her body and attempts to flee very quickly in the direction of Acryn

Dragonsoul Implement

Minor Effect

You may expend a protomana to slice an effect which is targeting you in half. When expending a protomana and making a slicing motion with your implement, you may resist either the damage component or the effects component of a call which has targeted you. You may choose to expend 2 protomana to resist the call in its entirety. If using crystal mana, you may always resist the full effect for each crystal expended.

Major Effect

Once per an adventure, you may channel your implement's destructive power against something which would usually be difficult or impossible to cut with a sword. This will take the form of a psychic combat encounter, in which you attempt to defeat the target of your slicing. Examples of things which you could turn your destruction upon: “That mountain over there”, “This man's pride”, “History”. The difficulty of the fight will be determined by how powerful the thing you are attempting to cut in two is. As a general rule, cutting a character in this way will ALWAYS be more difficult than just killing them without using this ability. You should not expect all fights to be meaningfully winnable (e.g., attempting to cut “History” will be met with considerable force).


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