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Following a disastrous magical experiment to create endless free food, a giant magical forest sprung up. Rumours of an entity at work in the forest, soon followed. The fates of those who worked to keep the forest from encroaching on their villages demonstrating that something malevolent was in there.

Eventually the magic creating the Forest was undone, and the Entity which had grasped hold of the ritual forced back to wherever it came from. In the aftermath it became clear what the Entity in the Forest was, the Dragon Tuireann.

Following a magical accident a rift into Tuireann was opened directly above the College of Stars for some months and parts of the city became overrun with his forest. That rift was sealed but since then the dragon's influence has been strongly felt around the Acryn region and his cultists are rumoured to gather in local forests twisting them to the dragon's will with powerful rituals.


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