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Vermillion Magnifico - Consort of Darkness


Artist, Builder Priest, Visionary. Also a foppish prat.

Vermillion had decided to dip his hand in the adventuring trade in the hopes that it will provide inspiration for his artistic projects. What it actually provided was a truly unreasonable number of curses.

Following yet another journey into misfortune, Vermillion has ended up as a vampiric anomaly besotted with Mircalla Karnstein, Queen of the Blood Forest.


Class:Builder Priest

Background #1:Doctor

Background #2:Merchant


  • Use Hammer
  • Hammer Talent 1
  • Hamme Potency
  • Divine Favour: Concussive Strike
  • Wealth
  • Tough
  • Emergency Aid
  • Craftsman 1
  • Miracle: Rework
  • Miracle: Reinforce
  • Miracle: Divine Forging
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Craftsman 2
  • Connections: Engineer's Guild, Art Lovers
  • Divine Favour: Reconstruction
  • Craftsman 3
  • Master Craftsman
  • Divine Favour: Imprison
  • Miracle: Creation
  • Divine Majesty
  • Miracle
  • Miracle: Steelskin
  • Holy Fervour

Smith of Legend

  • Tempered for Eternity (Heavy Armour Back)
  • Maker's Mark - Death Mask

Children of the Night

  • At Home in the Shadows

Organisational Ties: Blood Forest


  • Mastercrafted Heavy Armour
  • Mastercrafted Shield
  • Mastercrafted Hammer
  • 2x Standard Hammer
  • Standard Chisel (dagger)
  • Standard Light Armour
  • Superior Heavy Armour
  • 1x Stone Skin
  • 2xRejeuvenation of the Flesh
  • 1xArmour Oil
  • 165R


  • Famed Artist (As Council Contractor) - Contacts with House Cargan, College of Stars and Council


  • Vermillion's artworks always have a certain je nais se quoi that sets them apart from the crowd.
  • Cursed to communicate in song.
  • Mystical Mask is glued to his face.
  • Dorian Grey style statue
  • IMMUNE to all fear based effects
  • Vampiric Hunger
  • Part Anomaly
  • Lvl 2 Suspension Addiction
  • Soul Pact

Vampire Lord consequences You may detect when you are in Flux and may identify beings which are of the Flux. This includes characters who have the Epic Tree Children of the Night.

You are treated as a resident of the BLOOD FOREST and will not be attacked by residents unless you attack them first.

Once per an adventure you may make use of your Anomaly powers for an encounter. To simulate your anomaly powers you have 8 skill points to spend as you wish, choosing from skills from the Wayfinder Class and the Scion of the Flux Wayfinder insight. You must purchase all pre-reqs (even when you have abilities which simulate that skill). You are not restricted by level caps when making these purchases.

You believe yourself to be the loyal lover of the Queen of the Blood Forest, sent out into the world to aid in her conquest. Once per an adventure, when something happens to weaken your resolve (player's choice), your old personality is capable of emerging, how long this lasts is variable (again players choice) but cannot last beyond the end of the encounter. This cannot be the same encounter as the use of your anomaly powers. Your loyalty is to the Queen of the Blood Forest. For now, she is allied with the Beast of the Blood Forest (Tuireann), but you do not believe that she wishes for that to be a long-term arrangement and appears to be seeking a way of gaining dominance over the forest itself.

Vermillion's Artworks

  • Plight of the Accursed - Standard Quality Sculpture of Simone L'Etincelle, her features a mix between bestial fury and desperate pleading. Her hands are clawing at the throat of a terrified Tender priest who bears a striking resemblance to Lionel Collins.
  • Statue commemorating the opening of FOUNDERS! the Musical. Standard Quality diorama depicting the Founders battling a nefarious, masked wizard. Eschewing the recent trend of modelling the Founders according to their historical appearances, Vermillion has taken inspiration from the features of both the play's cast and his adventuring companions to capture both heroic determination and all-too-human frailty in the visage of Arcyn's icons. The wizard looks like a more mysteriously debonair Balthazar.
  • Two fine paintings from the collection of Baron Stubbs.


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