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Heirs and Graces

Initial Brief


Dauntless - Joe W

Felicity Morning - Susannah

Jeremy Fitzwilliam - Tom L


It emerges that Olivia Darrish has joined some cult of young nobles intent on forcefully ensuring that their inheritances come good quicker than nature had intended. Of the assassination attempts Karlos is foiled as he is taken out in the kitchen before being carted off by the traitor cult. Edwuardo with dauntless's help manages to kill his father before Jeremy's poison does its work and he falls into a deep slumped to later be picked up by the cult as well. After felicity takes Olivia's bribe to stand aside Olivia succeeds in killing her mother inheriting both her vast wealth and after a slight internal struggle the Darrish council seat.

The party are escorted off by the traitor cult. They debrief them and after a slightly failed attempt to recruit dauntless perform a ritual upon her ensuring that she can never again act in the magisteriums interests.

Felicity goes back to talk to Olivia Darrish to discuss any future business interests, together they hatch a plan for felicity to attempt to rise in the wayfinders guild with the aid of Olivia.



  • If ever she is forced to act by her magisterium programming she will take a slay and begin bleeding out instead.
  • The traitor cult is actively interested in recruiting her and should she ever get into any more trouble with the watch she will likely find herself in their custody instead.
  • Has quit her job as a standard bearer.
  • Has had an extravagant bouquet of flowers sent to Antonio's funeral in leu of being paid.


  • Has been paid 110.
  • Divine favour of the rampant
  • Has an agreement with Olivia to aid in her rise in the wayfinders guild in return for future favours. This is a justification for buying ranks in the wayfinders guild. These skills will also give her benefits with House Darrish of equal magnitude.


  • 50 riel
  • Manages to self treat for swamp breath.
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