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Richard Twine


Richard Twine started off as a student at the College of the Stars, adventuring to help pay for his tuition fees. Scared and timid, yet somehow ending up playing the bad-cop over and over in interrogations (in which he used binding magic and alchemy to make his targets more malleable). Each investigation Twine participated in seemed to end with the revelation that the Church of the Jubilant Mask was behind it, and Twine slowly became obsessed with the God.

Eventually Twine made it his personal crusade to “save” the Jubilant mask, in the process rescuing (and then becoming) the Stoic Veil.


Class: Mage (Binding)

Background #1: First Aid

Background #2: Doctor

Background #3: Divine Favour: The Stanchion

Skills (includes only skills relevant for flavour)

  • Dragon Soul implement was a mask which allowed the wearer to bind up people's appearances in it and use them again later. It was also an artefact which allowed the wearer to see through the disguises of Priests of the Jubilant Mask. Presumably now also embowered by The Stoic Veil's powers.
  • Binding magic, with particular attention to Bind the Wind and Bind the Heart (as well as most others).
  • Rite focussed implement.
  • Master Ritualist / Loremaster
  • Enchant Weapon


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