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A Cat's Life

Initial Brief

In recent weeks, posters have been seen up around Acryn advertising the services of the “Adventurer’s Guild”, an enterprise by which the common people can have their needs and troubles taken care of by a party of adventurers, with all of the logistics of hiring a party taken care of on their behalf.

Now, more posters are seen:


The Adventurer’s Guild of Acryn seeks brave and capable adventurers willing to quest in search of a missing cat.

Both strength and cunning may be needed. Travel expected. Logistical support provided.

Expected danger: 2/9.

Pay: 27R ea.

Those interested should gather at the Adventurer’s Guild, Mosia Lane, Merchant Quarter, at Noon of the Eighteenth day of the month.


Adventure Summary

Upon leaving the house of their employer the party is almost instantly set upon by thugs looking for the cat, sure that the party must be denying them information when the party plead general ignorance. Trying to put aside Dr Morbis's horrific experimentation on one of their assailants the party discover their intended dropoff point and follow it up. There they find a guild wayfinder acting on behalf of a higher up in the guild for reasons totally unknown to him asked to recover this cat. Whilst he offers to pay them and bring them into guild employ so long as they sign the appropriate documents the party are suspicious of the mysterious motives of James Walker the authorising wayfinder and try to get a meeting with him at the guild to be promptly turned away at the front desk for trying to get some of a very busy man's time whilst spouting nonsense about a cat, and as such the party refuse to sign anything for the wayfinder's guild.

Following their leads throughout the city the party conclude that the cat left Acryn in the back of a fish wagon heading to the village of Watercrest. Learning that it's an acceptable journey through the flux without a wayfinder but a much easier journey with one they attempt to call on their adventurer's guild logistical support to arrange a wayfinder for them, but for some reason they are unable to acquire the services of a guild wayfinder and are forced to resort to a much less competent off the books one who seems to have some trouble navigating for some reason. In response to this trouble, following an attack by particularly vicious giant crabs, Dr Morbus attempts dosing the wayfinder with a powerful psychotropic substance purchased from some delinquent youths in the city, oddly enough this only makes his attempts at navigation worse. The party are met whilst wandering in the flux by the wayfinder and assorted thugs who they snubbed in the city, who lectures them on the importance of hiring guild approved wayfinders, whilst claiming that he was only going this way purely by coincidence. After a number of separate and increasingly fraught conversations Booker somehow convinces him to escort them the rest of the way to Watercrest. On the way they discover a small mouselike creature calling itself a Truthspeaker, named Azure, hiding under a rock beset by flux bears.

Reaching the village they discover that their arrival was already planned for by the Adventurer's Guild with food ready for them and a boat pre-hired, apparently from messages sent a week ago, before they'd even accepted the job. They learn that the area has recently been beset by pirates and that one of the locals last saw the cat sleeping in one of the boats due to go out to the island fishing port of Tria. Feeling increasingly suspicious of the Adventurer's Guild they negotiate new terms of passage with the ship's captain and set out for Tria, though not before Dr Morbus has almost managed to convince the wayfinder that he must be mad and the whole world a delusion, since that apparently makes more sense than his current quest for a cat.

On the crossing they are beset by a group of consensus pirates who after some interrogation were discovered to have previously been in this area when their captain was ambushed by a cat, who stole his hat and his job. Arriving at the island the party locate the bar that serves as the hideout for the pirate gang, and purchase some high quality goat's milk to serve as an offering to the cat which they drug with a sleep of death potion.

Trashing the bar and fighting past the pirates the party catch up with Booker in the dark basement, conversing with a man and a cat. After hearing about Hunter's relationship to both “that witch” and “dad” he comes to the realisation that Hunter is a creature like him, a consciousness created by wayfinder powers. Hearing about “dad's” desperate desire to contact him, he agrees to come with them, bringing his mute companion Wilson.


On return to Acryn they re-unite Hunter with the wayfinder who created him, James Walker, who seems confused by the newly talking nature of his cat. He pays the party 27 Riel for the recovery of his ¿child? and is vaguely offended by Glassinger's implication that he stole the cat in the first place, sending them away looking vaguely unimpressed and promising to catch up with Hunter when he is done with his paperwork.

They then return with Hunter to Elizabeth and Booker introduces Hunter to his one time carer. Providing the metaphor that Hunter's changes and maturity were like a child growing up, though Dr Morbis's suggestion is that it's like someone has stuck a brain in her cat. She accepts Booker's explanation & Hunter agrees to come back to visit occasionally. They then visit the Adventurer's Guild and collect the remainder of their 27 Riel.

Hunter agrees to meet with the rest of Booker's family.

Total payment 54 riel each + contractual bonuses - bribe spending from advance

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