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the wolves of the blue peaks

Initial Brief

A request is made to help a village in the Bluepeaks from the flux creatures prowling around their village.



The party are recruited by a women who has a niece out in the village of Peltsin in the Bluepeak mountains. The party beat their way through roving Serradic deserters and treacherous mountain paths in order to get to the village, where they are given directions to an area of flux particularly known for wolf attacks as well as giving a detailed summary of the stories regarding the wolves. The party promptly head there and deal with some wolves, they also run across some people from the village of Bluemist, who claim the wolves are renown for coming from a cave near Peltsin (as well as telling them about an artefact rumoured to deal with them and a mythical curse laid upon them by the ancient founder of Bluemist). The party promptly head there and deal with those wolves as well, before heading back to Peltsin.

In Peltsin the party are thanked for their work as the village prepares for their festival. As the party relax and eat some of them start to get a little concerned about things being a little off. Those with suspicions are soon proved right when the villagers start to howl, transforming into man-wolf creatures. The only other person surprised is Idony Ashcroft, the niece of the party’s employer. While Idony and the party flee from the village the villagers themselves are in hot pursuit. It soon becomes apparent that the villages festival is a hunt and the party are now the prey. It is also now somewhat apparent why people believed that wolf-people we a threat in the area. After several incredibly close calls the party find themselves in the village of Bluemist, and head to collect the staff of bluemist. As they get there they are confronted by the Village elder of Peltsin, who shatters the staff even as Glassinger attempts to wield it. Eventually there are no more wolves, much to the relief of the party.

Over the next few days the party get themselves and the survivors of Bluemist down to Acryn. In exchange for saving her niece, their employer gives all of them 47 Riel. Glassinger is also allowed to keep the shattered remains of the Staff of Bluemist.

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