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Fair Game

Initial Brief

Henry Cargan wishes to investigate trouble surrounding the construction of his new Park of Amusements.

Henry will meet the party at the builder church he has been sent to. He will explain that the last report he got of the progress on the park had the builders complaining about hauntings in the park. While there have always been the rumours of hauntings (a half-built amusement park can look quite scary at night), the reports have been getting more frequent, and there have been sightings during the day.

Eager to put rumours to rest, and trying to avoid any scandals before the park has opened, Henry will offer 30 Riel if the cause of the Hauntings are determined, and a further 30 Riel if the issue is thoroughly resolved.



After meeting with Henry, the party made their way to the park. At the entrance, they were confronted with some people who appeared to be dressed as park attendants, asking them for an entrance fee, though to the trained eye it was clear that the uniforms were actually cheap imitations. After it became clear that the “attendants” were just bandits trying to make a bit of cash, they were swiftly dealt with.

Upon entering the park, the group met some workers, who discussed the various “hauntings” that were taking place in the park. They also provided a map, and highlighted the rides where the hauntings were most common. As the party visit each ride in turn, it became clear that there were two causes for the tales of the hauntings.

Firstly, the park was actually based on a pre-existing park, which was much older, and built in the flux. This original park; “Zimbardo's fair”, was rumoured to be haunted, and a number of the rides and stalls were coming to life.

Secondly, there were a number of groups who appeared to have been hired to disrupt the construction of the park, ruining it's reputation before it even opened. After the various groups were interrogated, it was determined they had been sent by Lena Terrec, a known adversary of Henry.

With evidence in tow, the party left the park to sort out the mess. Having negotiated with the “Zimbardo” (who was actually Flux), he agreed to look after and help run the park, and a worker was left to keep him company while they spoke to Henry, so that Zimbardo would stay and remember the agreement.

The group returned to Henry, explaining the situation. Henry agrees to the arrangement with Zimbardo, and says he will make plans to have the Flux bits of the park sorted out. He and the party then take the captives to give testimony to the Watch.

At the Watch, they give their stories, and Henry explains his previous involvement with Lena. The party also explain there was some unavoidable deaths in the park, due to the disruptions. The Watch put Lena under house arrest, pending a formal trial.

Following the adventure, Evan learns more about the Shepard, including a little information about the Flock.

Unit 01 talks to Sev, to discuss their current state of being. Unit 01 also goes to the Clockmakers Guild, and speaks to Unit 11, to try and persuade them they have opinions and such. Unit 11 becomes uncomfortable with Unit 01's requests, and leaves.

Evan subsequently disguises themselves as a unit (going by unit 18) to talk to Unit 01. They have a discussion which seems to further affirm Unit 01's beliefs about Clockwork Golem emotions.

Prim reports back to the Civil Service. They explain Henry's Park, and Lena's involvement with the project. They also mention about the Evil Eye, in particular identifying Darius, a Lizard (Nice Lizard) and a 'Woman'. The Civil Service identify the individuals from the descriptions, and make careful note of the issue. The ask Prim to be a spy for them, and offer suitable training for the mission, which Prim agrees to.



60 Riel for resolving the issues with the park.


Taste of the Flux
Once per adventure, you may attempt to determine whether something you have just licked is Flux or not. If it is Flux then take a REND. If you are in Flux, then until you leave the Flux into the Consensus, you will receive a REND for each new sort of Flux entity you encounter and perceive these all as the thing you originally licked. If the original thing was not Flux, no effect occurs but the ability is still spent.

e.g. Using this ability on a Flux Chair would cause all Flux entities to appear as chairs, and the caster to receive a REND for the Flux Curtains, the Flux Table, and the Flux Cupcakes.


Divine Favour of the Traitor

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