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Herb Gardener (Deceased)


A member of the True Council, Herb supplied the Acryn drug trade from his plantation in the flux. Formerly a member of the Tender Church, Herb apparently lost faith following the loss of a family member.

Through a combination of miracles and alchemy, he has created a species of militant giant mushroom that serves in place of human guards.

Following a run in with adventurers Herb Gardener was subjected to a melange of his own products that has doubtless left him with a number of serious side-effects.

Ensures the loyalty of his minions by tightly regulating the supplies of a miraculously addictive substance known as Snowflake. Following his adventurer experience he has somewhat lost control of his own gang and his most trusted lieutenants have fallen to infighting. They mark themselves with coloured roses.

He was killed attempting a rite to corrupt the Tender into the Callous within the dragon Tuireann


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