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Let It Go

Initial Brief

The wind howls through the mountains south of Margush, whipping up the snow and driving blizzards down toward the city. The clouds gather, and the weather grows ever colder. Caravan drivers speak of roads almost impassable, and only getting worse. Farmers fleeing their frozen fields bring tales of missing children.

One of the last caravans to arrive from Margush brings a call for adventurers to find the source of the unnatural weather, and to find out if the stories of missing children are true.



After killing the Puppeteer, Unit 03 burns down the houseboat whilst Jade and Anabel escape on a spectral horse. The land around Margush returns to normal soon after, the snow receding back up to the mountain and no longer following the party. Jade is still crippled after Unit 03’s surgery.

Jade and Anabel decide that avoiding Acryn for a while is probably a good idea, and go visit The Mask, Jade’s anomaly friend. The Mask is happy to put them up for a while, enjoying Jade’s company and happy enough to have Anabel around.

Jade heads to a nearby farm and gives a riel to a farm kid to send some letters - in particular to inform the Margush Farmer’s cooperative about the results of their investigation, and that Jade has been crippled by Unit 03.

Anabel sends his soul out with the Mare of the Night to speak with Jimmy Hoskins; after some negotiation, Jimmy agrees to send a message to the Secret Service to let them know that he’s laying low, and another to the Margush farmer’s cooperative

On returning to Acryn in disguise, Anabel gives a full debrief to Felip Caulson, and introduces ‘Saffron’ (Jade’s new identity) as someone who would be a useful asset to the Secret Service. Currently Jade has an in with the secret service, but is not in a position to ask favours until she’s proven herself to them.

Jade pays 10 riel for a consultation with a competent medic, and between them they come up with an idea for crafting boots that would properly support her ruined hamstrings. She crafts a pair of boots that allow her to comfortably walk, although she can’t move any faster than a fast walk without falling over. With sufficient skill she would be able to craft Superior boots that would even allow her to sashay.

Meanwhile, Unit 03 heads back up the mountain to speak to the Snow Queen. Two thirds of the children have gone home, but their villages are still covered in snow. The other third are a mix of orphans and children who just don’t want to go home.

Heading back to the Farmer’s Cooperative, Unit 03 is paid in full. On hearing about being backstabbed by Jade and Anabel, the Cooperative members appropriately appalled, telling Unit 03 that they will have the watch look into this.

Returning to Acryn, Unit 03 reports in to Willie Altieri, giving a full report and telling of Jade and Anabel’s treachery; he reports that Jade has been appropriately punished and there is no reason to take more vengeance, but word is put out that if Jade is seen by any of Willie’s people and seems able to walk unaided, that Unit 03 should be informed.

Unit 03 owes a favour to 'Frank' in Margush, a contact of Willie Altieri’s.

Jade and Anabel receive a small amount of money via Jimmy Hoskins’ lawyer, along with apologies from the Margush Farmer’s Cooperative that they cannot deliver the full amount by courier and they’ll have to turn up in person to collect the rest. The two of them wisely decide not to walk into the hands of the Watch in Margush, and make do with what they have.

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