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Ruby the Fairy Godmother [Dead]

Ruby is a Fairy Godmother. Can you not just tell? She's awoken to find herself a dab hand at potions and just burning to know what's holding you back in the world. All she has is her skills and some Riel but that's fine, that's a challenge such as her protégés face. All will be overcome. All will be fulfilled. Also she belongs to Carleon now.

She was executed by a crowd of adventurers in retribution for killing a Serradic Goddess to enable Carleon to take over the Serradic Afterlife.

Class: Journeyman Alchemist

Background #1: Survivalist

Background #2: Weaponry


  • Mix potion (Restoration of the Flesh)
  • Emergency aid
  • Medical knowledge
  • Well versed
  • Use weapon: Sword
  • Survivalist
  • Light armour training +1
  • Mix potion (Nightsight)
  • Resuscitate
  • Weapon talent 1: Sword (1 Wound 10 + 1 strikedown per encounter)
  • Diplomacy
  • Weapon potency: Sword (Strike doubles)
  • Mix potion (Soul Strength)
  • Improved skill focus: Once per encounter, so long as you have 1 or more body hits, you can immediately place yourself under the effect of any either two class C or D potions in an encounter OR one class A or B potion in an encounter.
  • Fairer Than Thou: The fact that you are of a nobler breed is impossible to ignore. Those who care about such things may react differently to you. For one encounter per an adventure you may freely use the call YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME against non-sentient creatures. When using this ability the target will not attack you, but you will also be unable to use offensive abilities against them for the rest of the encounter. You must brief this ability at the beginning of any adventure in which you play.
  • Combat Master: You are able to continue to use a single-handed weapon or shield in one hand while you attempt to treat a patient with the other.
  • Advanced Application: Twice per Adventure you may use your advanced knowledge of Alchemy to apply a potion you know how to mix for additional effects. Your skills also allow you to deal with unusual poisons, so long as you have some experience with the base of the poison. (Soul Strength: Paste–>Strengthen on two strikes.)(Eye of the Storm: Mass double rend.)
  • Speak with the Weight of Ages: Your words have great weight, it is difficult to deny your desires. Once per an encounter you may call DOMINATE.
  • Mix Potion: Eye of the Storm
  • Extremely Well Versed
  • Overseer of Bargains: Your YOU DARE NOT STRIKE ME calls now extend to sentient creatures.
  • Concoction
  • Advanced Application: An extra two uses.
  • Advanced mixing 1 & 2 & 3: 15 total potion slots between adventures.
  • Tough x 3
  • Mix potion: Mirrored Soul Strength
  • Alchemical Manipulation
  • Using the Land
  • Potency
  • Home Away From Home: Lots of wibble, see Epic Tree
  • Mix Potion: Life Flow
  • Mix Potion: Limb Drop
  • Surgery: You may, with 30 seconds of medical roleplay, fully restore a character’s HP. You may use this ability once without weakening the patient.
  • Master Surgeon: Once per adventure, with sixty seconds of medical roleplaying, you can remove most negative physical effects from a character, including lost hits, addictions, diseases and recent violent death.
  • Guide: Whole party DODGE.
  • Mix Potion: Death Ward

Spare XP: 5 unallocated, 4 more once The First Step and Rights are written

Potions Created
Restoration of the Flesh (Heal 4)
Soul Strength (Strengthen)
Eye of the Storm
Mirrored Soul Strength (Weaken) (Obtained during Bad Romance)
Life Flow
Limb Drop
Death Ward

9+3 Per encounter: Wound 10, Strikedown, Dodge (normal terrain), Entangle (survival level 2 terrain), DOMINATE
Four times per adventure: Advanced Application ie double potion effect
Triples (Soul Strength infuse)

Items & Resources

  • Superior sword (+1 on 2 strikes per encounter)
  • 80R
  • 1 limb drop
  • 3 eyes of the storm
  • 3 death wards
  • 1 nightsight
  • 2 restorations of the flesh

Addiction: Deathward: You feel euphoric. Tactile sensations are enhanced and feel pleasurable. If reduced to 0 hits you remain conscious and can, with some difficulty, consume a potion.

Epic Trees
As of Tower_of_Ceciline: The Fair Folk:
You have bonded yourself to a reality which was never meant to be, attempting to become people who should never have existed. You do not belong, you stand separate from reality. Any entity which has the ability to distinguish that something does not belong or is a threat to the consensus, will you see you as such. In any encounter where you use an active ability you gain the following roleplay effect: you are greater and more powerful than others, your desires are more important than others, yours is the right to control and influence reality itself.


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