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Underground, Overground, Zombling free

Initial Brief

The POSTAL CORPS requests the assistance of ADVENTURERS or COMPETENT INDIVIDUALS to assist in the retrieval of a lost package of SOME IMPORTANCE.

INTERESTED PARTIES should report to the POSTAL CORPS HEAD OFFICE one hour before noon on the twenty-eighth day of this month.

Successful applicants will be briefed on the exact nature of the package and upon its safe delivery REWARDED 5% of its INSURED VALUE



In the cave, the party find the Dead One has been completely vanquished, leaving behind his gloves and his cloak. They check whether they need purging some more by trying the holy artefact on them again, but it doesn't appear to do anything (except for Simon, who gets struck down whenever he tries to use it). The zombies seem to have come to and people start remembering who they are, wondering how they got there, and so the party lead them out through the caves and into the forest back to the small Tender Church.

When they get to the Tender Church where Sister Lilith resides, the more heavily wounded get patched up and stay, and the priests express their gratitude. Simon asks about why he's being struck down when he uses the holy artefact and reveals to the priests that he worships the Traitor. He is quickly told to leave, and the party depart with the artefact and head back to Wintredge. There, they find the village is picking itself back together and many people are back to their old selves. Unfortunately, those who were killed as zombies remain dead, but the party decide that they did what they had to do.

They take the gloves to Wizard Arnaud, north of Margush, who is surprised by the late delivery and seems perturbed that the artefacts are no longer magic, but Verro points out that they're better off inert and he agrees. He signs for the package, and at Verro's insistence that Wizards aren't trustworthy, the party head back to Acryn.

They reach the Postal Corps and speak to Beth Griffin. Owing to the extra danger, the Postal Corps throw in another 20R to the reward for the party's work, giving each a total of 100R. Gratitude is expressed, but Verro does suggest that they should vet who they are sending packages to.

Ruby runs immediately to check on her pack, as she saw a vision of them injured. They are all well and glad to see that Ruby is well too.

Verro writes a letter home, explaining what happened and stressing the problems with magic. It gets sent out on a ship, and a reply would take a couple of months to return. Verro then heads to the Traitor Church, having heard how nice it is from Simon. There, Penelope Cargan explains how the Church is about making the difficult decisions, tells about it a little and presents Verro - who explains their home and the gods there - with some explanatory literature about what the Traitor Church is about. Verro sits and reads it, with Penelope keeping a vaguely close eye on him.

Simon decides to take the artefact of the Tender to the Tender church in Acryn, as Sister Lilith's church wouldn't have it. He presents it to them, and mentions he had difficulty using it. Upon the revelation that he is a worshipper of the Traitor, they too demand he leave at once, and the door of the Tender church is slammed shut behind him. He does notice, later, when using miraculous powers, that sometimes it feels a bit different: that his Tender miracles are stronger sometimes, but when they are he can't access the power of the Traitor so much.



  • 100R payment from the Postal Corps


  • As consequence for using a holy artefact of the Tender, feels something slightly different occasionally when using miracles. One Gaze of the Gods each adventure (randomly determined by the GM before the start of the adventure) is actually that of the Tender not the Traitor: only miracles of the Tender will work for Simon during this. (TO BE CONFIRMED WITH LARPO)


  • Has “A Guide to the Church of the Traitor” - some pleasant literature from the public-facing Church of the Traitor.
  • Has sent a letter home (est. 2 months for a reply)


  • Has the very tattered and magically inert Cloak of the Dead One


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