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Dan/Danielle South


A childhood friend of Tabitha Terrec who generally always looked out for her. To avoid drifting apart from Tabitha as her nobility became more of a concern for her, Dan trained as a warrior and entered the employ of House Terrec as a guard. With a lot of dedication and focus towards training to protect others, Dan caught the attention of the Stanchion and became a full-time bodyguard.

Thanks to their long-standing friendship, when Tabitha wanted to become an adventurer and her parents were reluctant to allow her to go it alone, Dan was assigned as her dedicated bodyguard.

When wearing it, people quietly don't tend to mention the make-up and terrible facial hair drawn on with eyeliner.

After confessing their love for Tabitha whilst under the influence of a Splintered Man miracle, they've resolved to continue to dedicate themselves to her unwaveringly, regardless of whether she reciprocates those feelings or not. Apparently having decided to present in a more masculine way thanks to an off-hand comment by her a decade ago, they've recently on a whim decided to start variably presenting either in a more masculine manner and going by “Dan”, or more feminine and using their full name “Danielle”, depending on how they feel at the time.


Age 23 Birthday 5 September Gender Doesn't care
Likes Tabitha, training
Dislikes Tabitha getting hurt, boredom
Dream To ensure that Tabitha is always safe and happy
Quote “Even if my body must become her shield, I shall not care.”


Class: Fighter [F]

Path: Body Guard [B]

Background #1-2: Divinely Favoured (Stanchion) [D]

Epic Tree: Lone Defender Before the Tempest [L]


  • B1 - Long Term Defender (Free)
  • F1 - Use Weapon: Sword
  • F1 - Ambidextrous
  • F1 - Heavy Armour Use
  • D1 - Miraculous Power: Shield
  • F1 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • F1 - Affiliation: House Terrec [+9 Riel/adventure]
  • B2 - I'll Be Your Opponent
  • F2 - Heavy Armour Training [+3 Armour]
  • D2 - Miraculous Power: Defy
  • F2 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • F2 - Reputed: House Terrec [+9 Riel/adventure]
  • B3 - Princial Defence [Principal gains +5 Dodges when in range]
  • F3 - Improved Determination [+2 Determination/adventure]
  • F3 - Tough [+2 Body]
  • F3 - Backing: House Terrec [1 issue resolved/adventure]
  • D3 - Greater Miraculous Power: Prop
  • F3 - Heavy Armour Training [+3 Armour]
  • B4 - Active Defence
  • F4 - Absurdly Tough [+3 Body]
  • F4 - Heavy Armour Training [+3 Armour]
  • F4 - Champion: House Terrec
  • L3 - Defence of the Fallen [+2 Determination/adventure for defending fallen ally]
  • L4 - Second Wind [Twice/adventure, STRENGTHEN or gain IMMUNE to effect on Determination]
  • B5 - Impenetrable Defence


XP: 0

Money and Equipment

  • 314 Riel
  • 2x Standard Sword
  • 1x Sword from the First Step (details TBC)
  • 1x Standard Heavy Armour
  • 3x Restoration of the Flesh
  • 5x Armour Oil
  • 1x Soul Strength
  • 2x Plug the Flow of Life (HEAL 0)


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