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The First Step

Initial Brief


The Anthropological Museum of Acryn is seeking brave adventurers willing to travel to Valydd to explore and document the temple of the First Step.

Travel Expenses included



  • Lionel Collins
  • Ellie's character
  • Walker Chill
  • The Stone Wanderer
  • Ambrosia Terrec
  • Gerard Vidati
  • Dan South
  • Carina Terrec


  • Ambrosia receives Moderate Lycanthropy after paying a mage 100R to make her Mild Lycanthropy more Lycanthropic.

Moderate Lycanthropy

By night one way, by day another… you have had the wolf within you truly connected with you, and by moonlight you will transform into a wolf. You will lose the ability to speak, and any abilities that specifically require the use of your hands (including USE WEAPON), but will gain natural weapons in your claws capable of delivering SINGLE THROUGH. You will also become Unnaturally Big in this time, gaining an additional hit from each rank of Toughness you have.

Every time this occurs, have a brief psychic combat. 5 hits each, dealing SINGLEs. If you lose, your mind is more overtaken by the wolf within and the smell of blood, or sight of easily eaten flesh, will cause you to want to murder things.

If you win, your mind is still your own, and you will not feel the need to savage things, but will still have some canine instincts. Having won, if you wish, you may attempt to suppress the transformation. The cost of this is strengthening the wolf within the next time the moon rises (giving them an additional 2 hits for the psychic combat)

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