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Ambrosia Terrec



Class: Priest


  • Nobility
  • Use Weapon (Greatsword)


Level 1

  • Use Weapon (Greatsword)
  • Wealth Lv.1
  • Divine Favour 1 (Weak Point)
  • Drop Your Weapon!
  • Tough
  • Larceny

Level 2

  • Weapon Talent 1
  • Traitor's Cloak
  • Touch of Divinity
  • Instil Might
  • Play Dead
  • Connections: Acryn's Nobility
  • Improved Divine Aura
  • Pickpocket
  • Tough

Level 3

  • Connections: Council
  • Weapon Potency (1x Shatter per encounter)
  • Divine Favour 2 (“Cower Before Me!”)
  • Blessed Regeneration

Level 4

  • Divine Favour 3 (“Fight On”)
  • Divine Majesty
  • Miracle
  • Tough

Epic Tree: Totem Spirit:

Level 2 - Channel Spirit

You are able to transform your body into that of your Totem. Mechanically there are 2 types of transformation, regular and good. You can always perform a regular transformation and gain the effects listed in the Channel Spirit skill (listed below). When using this type of transformation you do NOT get any of the benefits listed in the other skills. If you have bought additional skills in this epic tree, then 4 times per an adventure you may perform a good transformation and gain the effects from all bought skills in the tree.

You may transform as a reaction to being reduced to 0 hits, but not later in your death count.

Regular transformation:

You lose the ability to use language when transformed, instead communicating in the hisses/barks/etc appropriate to your current form. This impacts skills which require communicating your intent to others but not skills that just require chanting or similar.

Your weapons are transformed into a size and shape appropriate to your new form (either paired daggers or single 42in sword) which you can wield as if you had the appropriate use weapon skill. You keep the damage and effects you can deliver from you normal primary weapon.

You take Disarm and Shatter as Wound 5 and Wound 30 respectively.

Level 3 - Power of the Beast

The strength of your Totem animal flows through you and you gain the following abilities:

If representing your animal form with pairs daggers:

* THROUGH is appended to your standard damage * You take the effect of a HEAL 6 when you first transform * You gain 3xDodge * You gain 3xRend

If representing your animal form with 42in sword:

* You are strengthened * You take the effect of a HEAL 6 when you first transform

Level 4 - Bestial Home

You are more comfortable in the natural terrain of your totem animal. This gives you a dodge when in this terrain even if you have not transformed. When transformed and in your natural terrain You gain 3 RANGED ENTANGLES per an encounter.

If your Totem is a predator and you are in your natural terrain then you may call FEAR against a non-sentient animal every 20 seconds.

If your Totem is Prey and you are in your natural terrain then you gain 2 uses of Agility, which may be used exclusively to flee from non-sentient animal predators.

You gain the ability to talk fluently to other members of your Totem's species, although many human concepts may be untranslatable.

Level 5 - Summon the Pack

You are able to summon others of your kind to aid you in battle. You gain 3 uses of Disappearing/Appearing which represent your enemies losing track of you in the midst of your summoned allies. You have 5 seconds to relocate yourself in the battle while using this ability.

You gain 1 uses of Backstab20.

You may use this skill as a retirement ability. You may decide if you are choosing to use the retirement ability each time you are dropped to 0 hits, regardless of if you have transformations left. When using this as a retirement ability, many of your summoned pack are particularly strong. This gives you 6 uses of ONE of the following abilities:

* Fully revive on being dropped to 0 hits (call DISAPPEARING, relocate yourself in the encounter, and then call APPEARING. This represents a new pack member. You gain all of your hits, armour, and per-encounter abilities back). * Remove a party member from the encounter, tell them that one of your pack members has removed them from the encounter and that they gain a heal 1. Each member of the party removed from the encounter this way gains the Beastial Protector Epic Tree.

Once the encounter is over it will become apparent that one of the first pack members to be killed was actually you, you will have a few minutes to monologue but cannot be saved by any means. Your pack will forever protect this area from threat (as defined by you) in memory of your sacrifice.

Vital Stats:

  • 11+3 hits
  • 1 melee WOUND 10 p/e
  • 1 SHATTER p/e
  • Improved Divine Aura + Divine Majesty: 2 RESIST to FEAR or 2x +1 damage p/e, 1 DODGE p/e
  • Divine Favour: 1x Weak Point p/e
  • Divine Favour: 1x Cower Before Me! p/e
  • Divine Favour: 1x Fight On! p/e
  • Once per adventure, stand up on full hits 10s after falling to 0 hits.
  • 1x Lv4 Miracle when not under GotG


  • Weak Point: 10s - target (including self) gains BACKSTAB 20 w/ any weapon (max 1. prepared). If target knows BACKSTAB, gains BACKSTAB 30 instead.
  • Drop Your Weapon!: 15s - DISARM.
  • Instil Might (10s, STRENGTHEN target)
  • Play Dead (15s, sequester hits)
  • Cower Before me!: 20s - FEAR.
  • Fight On!: 5s - target unconscious ally regains max body hits, losing them again after 30s. Only used once per target per encounter.


  • Cash in Hand: 51R
  • Income: 27R


  • Standard Greatsword
  • Superior Light Armor
  • Standard Dagger


  • 27/27


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