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See no evil, hear, no evil speak no evil

Initial Brief

Melody’s Inn representing the estate of Mr Reginald Smitherly-Blythe II requests the aid of capable individuals to investigate the demise of their late client.



The party return with Reginald in tow as proof that he has faked his own death and are paid by Melody's Inn. Ambrosia and Lionel thank Mr Scampers and Rupus Regio for their assistance both solving the case and saving their lives by spending 10 riel on bannanas and beef jerky and then go off to ballgown. Ambrosia starts laying the groundwork to set herself up as head of house. Lotte gets a letter from Melody's Inn testifying that she did good work for them- it probably does not have much value in terms of getting her accepted in to the college of the Stars.


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