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Lotte Dietrich


The daughter of the Strossbourgian Archmage of Unification1), Charlotte (or Lotte as she prefers), is a member of one of the most powerful wizarding families in Strossbourg and as such, great things were expected of her. Unfortunately, thus far she has displayed not even a single ounce of magical talent. Having been denied entry to every single reputable magical institute of learning in Strossbourg and failed every magical exam, she has moved to Acryn to try to gain entrance to the College of the Stars and prove once and for all that she's destined to be a great and powerful wizard.


Class: Definitely a Mage Journeyman

Level: 5

Backgrounds: Bounty Hunter, Weaponry, Dabbler Mage

Epic Trees: Guardian of the Forest, Lost Magic

Hits: 9+3


Damage: DOUBLE

Income: 27 Riel

Spells: per adventure: 8+1/e; encounter maximum: 4+1


  • Subdual
  • Use Weapon (Staff)
  • Emergency Aid
  • Wealth
  • Mix Potion 1
  • Mix Potion 2
  • Contacts
  • Patch Up
  • Resuscitate
  • Weapon Talent 1 (Staff)
  • Protective Canopy
  • Tough 1
  • Tough 2
  • Light Armour Training +1
  • Light Armour Swiftness
  • Weapon Finesse (Staff)
  • The Bending Bough
  • Lost Lore (Unification)
  • Lost Spell (Absorption)
  • Combat Master
  • Surgery
  • Weapon Potency (Staff)
  • Protomana Experience
  • Greater Lost Spell (Unification of Earth and Sky)
  • Mana Sense
  • Protomana Tolerance
  • Spell Power (Symbol of Creating)
  • Spell Power (The Closed Eye)
  • Greater Spell Power (Symbol of Storms)
  • Fast Work
  • Master Surgeon
  • Patch Up 2

Potion Recipes

  • Nightsight
  • Smoke Bomb


  • Standard Staff
  • Standard Dagger
  • Standard Light Armour
  • 2x Smoke Bombs
  • 2x Death Ward
  • 4 Mana Crystals
  • 101 Riel
  • A reference from Melody's Inn stating that she is a wizard


  • Strossbourg Embassy in Acryn
  • University of Strossbourg


  • In good standing with the College Militia
  • Occasionally resurgent memories of another life; that of an evil Serradic mage.


1) Or at least, part of the Archmage
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