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Verity Morning


From a past life as a Wayfinder, trapped in contract to the Wayfinders' Guild, Verity was given a new lease of life by the Divine Intervention of Felicity Morning, the One True Voice, creating her a body in her own image and sending her out into the world as High Priest and truly devout of the One True Voice.

Infinitely indebted to the One True Voice, the now Verity carefully surveyed the corrupt Wayfinders' Guild and the mercantile East Empire Company and through consultation with her goddess determined that neither provided true support and protection for Wayfinders who simply wanted to forge their own way in the world. With the resources Verity found available to her, and her newfound clarity and cool head, she departed from the Guild and set about laying the foundations for a new organisation for Wayfinders in the city under both their noses.

Starting as a whisper for now, a new Morning has dawned on Acryn: Aurora.


Class: Journeyman

Background #1: Sword Use

Background #2: Diplomat

Divine Favour:

  • The One True Voice

Epic Trees:

  • High Priest of the One True Voice



  • Crafting - Upgrades
  • Soul Pact

Level 1

  • Use Sword
  • Wealth
  • Crafter
  • Miraculous Power of the One True Voice - The Only Sensible Person in the Room
  • Well Travelled
  • Tough
  • Light Armour Training
  • Emergency Aid
  • Diplomacy

Level 2

  • Sword Talent 1
  • Crafter
  • Adjustment
  • Divine Aura of the One True Voice
  • Journeyman Knowledge: Law
  • Builder
  • Tough
  • Light Armour Swiftness
  • Patch Up
  • Resuscitate
  • Fast Talk

Level 3

  • Crafter 3
  • Touch of Divinity - One True Voice



  • 9 body hits
  • 3 armour hits
  • 1 WEAKEN
  • 1 WOUND 10
  • 1 DODGE
  • 4 x Adjustment / encounter
    • +resist shatter or disarm to Weapon
    • +resist shatter, disarm or strikedown to Shield
    • +resist rend, strikedown to Armour
  • Aura of the One True Voice (1 RESIST to FEAR, ENRAGE, DOMINATE or MESMERISE)
  • 5s chant JUST HEAR ME OUT
  • 10s to HEAL 4 or RENEW 4 a character on 0HP
  • 10s to HEAL 6 or RENEW 6 a character (3 times before WEAKEN)
  • 1 minor miracle / adventure
  • Touch of Divinity


  • Income: 45R (= base 27R + shop 18R)
  • Upgrades - at the start of each encounter make a piece of equipment Master Crafted
  • Journeyman Knowledge: Law
  • Field repair all standard and superior equipment (5 mins fully, 60s for encounter)
  • Field repair master crafted armour (repair master crafted equipment in smithy)
  • Make 1 superior or 2 standard items between adventures
  • Well Travelled - always find a trading contact
  • Understanding of channels of power, can always find who I need to speak to


  • 1 standard sword with AURORA engraved on the hilt
  • 1 standard (usually Master Crafted) Medium Shield
  • 1 standard suit of light armour
  • 1 sharpened metal business card
  • 1 waterproof tent
  • 38R

Resources (Builder: only pay 75% cost)

  • Emporium (+27R / adventure, sell one things for its full price or two items for up to 90R between adventures)


22/22 (Level 3)

Adventurers Met

(I deem this section useful)

  • Felicity Morning, the One True Voice
  • Novice Sariel
  • Octavian Caecilius
  • Paige
  • Jon McWizard
  • Lionel Collins
  • Ambrosia Terrec
  • Lotte Dietrich
  • Pazuzu (staying at Aurora Emporium)
  • Krodd
  • Mr Scampers and Rufus Regio
  • Jo-Jo
  • Sunset Chaser

Secrets Known

  • Ambrosia Terrec is a werewolf
  • Ambrosia Terrec is a Traitor Priest
  • Lotte Dietrich is not a mage
  • Mr Scampers is a powerful mage

Understandings Reached

  • Ambrosia will assist with Aurora
  • Lionel Collins will assist with Aurora
  • Verity will help Pazuzu with flying


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