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Supposedly the bastard son of some Acryn noble, Thorn made a living as an arms dealer, sailor and general ne'er-do-well around the island of Thys. In the wake of the Dines affair and the Serradic attack on Thys, Thorn has returned to an Acryn very different to the one he left.

As of the most recent freeform, many people are aware that Thorn is Frederick Dines' bastard son. This is all the more amusing because Thorn has discovered, to his great surprise, that he is entirely legitimate. Also his mother just turned to dust in his arms and he's quite put out about that.


Class: Mage (Wounding/Consumption)

Background #1: Weaponry

Background #2: Heavy Armour use

Skills 29/29 Spent

  • LEVEL 1 (8)
  • Tough
  • Heavy Armour Use
  • Use Weapon (Bastard Sword)
  • Protomana Tolerance 1
  • Mana Sense
  • Use Implement
  • Primary Rite (Share the Pain)
  • Primary Rite (Trace the Flow of Life)
  • LEVEL 2 (5)
  • Weapon Talent 1 (Bastard Sword)
  • Minor Ritualist
  • Enchant Weapon
  • Fire Charm
  • Protomana Tolerance 2
  • LEVEL 3 (7)
  • Ritual Caster
  • Implement Experience
  • Retrieve Implement
  • Scar the Unquiet Soul
  • Brand the Memory
  • Gatekeeper
  • Tough
  • Light Eternal
  • LEVEL 4 (6)
  • Cut the Thread
  • Enchant Armour
  • Loremaster
  • Scar and Unblemish
  • Placed Within Triskelion
  • Avatar of Form
  • LEVEL 5 (3)
  • Dragonsoul Implement
  • Master Ritualist
  • Steal the Scarred Soul


  • 20 Riel
  • Medium Fishing Boat
  • 12 Mana Crystal(s)
  • 1 Mesmeritic Visage
  • 1 Night sight
  • 1 Veil
  • 6 Restoration of the Flesh
  • 3 Plug the Flow of Life
  • 3 Leeching Touch
  • 3 Death Charm
  • 1 Death Ward
  • 2 Withering
  • Roughly a pint of Cargan Blood
  • an effectively unlimited supply of Graves blood
  • A Cargan seal
  • Half a Bottle of Rum
  • A copy of a letter from Hugh Branch marked 'Why I did What I Did'
  • Senta's Master-Crafted Spear (currently inside Triskelion)
  • Master-Crafted Armour once belonging to Armand Cargan
  • A Superior Bastard Sword
  • A scribing book that can be used to contact Francesco Graves, and contains records of conversations between him and Armand
  • Anti-Flux Shield Gauntlets (one anti-flux RESIST per encounter)
  • Enchanted Beacon lightstick

Weirdness & Trees As of The Unremembered, Thorn has access to the Divine Favour of the Beacon and Organisational Ties with Walter Cargan.

As of the Graves Heist, Thorn is sharing his body with the spirit of Lucretia Graves. This has fun blood magic effects that will be confirmed later.

As of the Godsmoot, which he managed to enter by disguising himself (poorly) as a waiter, Thorn has access to the Divine Favour of Rowan Darrish and the Warrior.

As of Last Stand, Thorn has access to the Gatekeeper Epic Tree. He also has thin white strands of Tuirreanny mycelium running under his skin, though at the minute this has no effects beyond looking pretty creepy. He also has a metric fuckton of survivor guilt, yay!

As of Where Are Your Gods Now, Thorn has the Divine Favour of The Rampant, who is apparently sleeping with Thorn's sentient blood. This also makes it particularly easy for Thorn to find the Rampant, if he so desires. Thorn has also finally got some closure on the matter of his stupid adolescent crush on the Tender. Sadly he appears to have transferred that unhealthy attraction to the Traitor, and isn't quite sure how to feel about this.


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