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Alike in Indignity

Initial Brief

Rumours have been circulating that some of the smaller outlaw guilds in the city have been planning something big. The City Watch has approached the Adventurer’s Guild in secret, looking for some fresh faces to go undercover, work out what’s going on and - hopefully - put a stop to it. Those who have heeded the Guild’s call are told to report to Maria Addinell, and that they will expect a stipend of 30R for their work, plus additional if circumstances warrant.



Maria Addinell informs the players that they need to go undercover with Coinworks or the Steel Fingers to bring in their leaders and stop whatever they are planning. They are told that they will be working on their own, and that the watch can provide only limited assistance. They are also informed that the leaders of the guilds must be brought in alive.

The party joins with the Coinworkers and are instructed by the guild leader, Alexis Sawyer, to sneak into a warehouse down by the docks and liberate some weapons to help the guild out. Walker pretends to get drunk and distracts some patrolling guards, while Simon knocks out the door guards with some Sleep of Death potion, slipped into 'free samples' from a nearby tavern. However as they are about to enter the warehouse, the other guards come round and catch them. Some disagreements, and calls to the watch, later some of the guards have entered the warehouse and are murdered by animate suits of armour. The inside of the warehouse is flux! The players are able to fight off the armour, steal some weapons, and escape into the sewers.

After emerging from the sewers, and talking their ill-gotten gains past a watch patrol, the party is accosted by enforcers from True Council guilds. They explain that their employers have an offer for the party and, one way or another, the party is going to hear it. Deciding not to try and fight their way out, Walker and Paradai go to visit an agent of the True Council who offers them twice as much pay to kill the leaders to send a message to the other guilds who might get too big for their boots, and bring the might of the watch down on all of them. Paradai and Walker accept the offer, and are brought back to Verro and Simon.

Back at the Coinworkers, Alexis has moved on to continue preparations for his plan so his Lieutenants pass on details of a Steel Fingers holdout that needs to be sacked to get details on how to foil whatever it is the Steel Fingers are up to. After kicking down the Steel Fingers door and interrogating the guild members inside, they discover that the leader, Madeleine Bracken, is trying to kill the leader of the People's College, Simon Holland, in order to send a message to Simon's son: the watch captain Frederick Holland. Simon Holland is meeting potential donors for the people's college, which include Madeleine's people in disguise. When the attack goes off, the party are able to pull away Simon's body, but by the time they are able to tend to it he is already dead. In the following combat and struggle Paradai kills Madeleine.

On returning to the safehouse they find it trashed and deserted, filled with fresh corpses and wild dogs. They investigate to find a list of safehouses and go through those in the city, warning the surviving ones that the True Council have been hitting them (at this point just speculation) and that they should go to ground. Soon they travel out to a holdout in the Flux just outside of Acryn.

Following the attacks Alexis has gone into hiding, and will come out to enact the last plan. The last plan is to drop a portion of the city into flux, in order to create enough chaos to allow for massive theft. The players convince a bunch of hapless merchants transporting Wyverns into letting them take their broken caravans back to Acryn for 'mending'. In actuality, these will be used by the Coinworkers for transporting ill-gotten gains away from Acryn. On returning to Acryn, the party meet up with Alexis and are able to bring him down: though not before he has brought flux to the city, and a large number of his minions escape. Walker murders Alexis once the fighting is over.

Walker informs the Wayfinders guild about the destabilisation, and the group returns to the watch. They explain what just happened to Maria, casually leaving out the murder part, and she is deeply unhappy - considering the adventurers to have failed in their duty they were employed to do: neither plan was stopped, and both leaders are dead. The parties protestations that they mitigated the outcomes fall on deaf ears, and she offers a much reduced payment for effort. Walker attempts to bargain a better deal, but is unsuccessful, and leaves saying that “The Guild will be informed of the Watch's performance”.

Walker arranges for proper cages to be brought to the merchants, so they can safely transport their Wyverns on.

After loitering around the True Council house for a while, Paradai is brought inside and congratulated for his efforts, and given his payment. When he asks if the True Council would have any more work for him, he's told that they will be in touch. A short time later the party find notes delivered to them over night: Paradai is offered work in future, and in return the True Council can make his life easier, the others are told to come collect their payment. Walker and Simon does so, and Walker offers his assistance in future

Verro instead returns to Maria at the watch. He explains about the True Council interactions, and their desires regarding the deaths of Alexis and Madeleine. He suspects that this might be why everything went so wrong - from the Watch's perspective. Maria thanks Verro, and lets him go with the rest of his payment and a message to pass on to the others: the watch would like a talk about what actually happened.

Walker is the first to turn up, with a Wayfinder's Guild lawyer close in tow. Approximately half an hour of legalise ensues, and nothing really gets done until Walker leaves later, smug. Simon, on the other hand lets everything he knows about Walker and Paradai's involvement with the True Council slip, but he claims no knowledge of the deaths. Maria thanks him and he is let go.

Over the next few weeks the Watch redoubles efforts into investigating the deaths and the destabilisation: increasing the number of arrests of criminal elements within the city significantly. Moreover, the penalties for destabilisation within the walls of the city are explicitly restated, and many of the Coinworkers permanently exiled as an example.

Pat Hemmond, head of Engineering at the People's College, has taken over as interim head of the college and has instituted a period of mourning in the college for the late Simon Holland.



  • 70 Riel
  • Can take Connections (True Council). If taken, then they will ask for one favour per adventure to upkeep good favour with them.


  • 70 Riel


  • 70 Riel
  • Can take Connections (True Council). If taken, then they will ask for one favour per adventure to upkeep good favour with them.


  • 30 Riel
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