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alexander everett


A young upstart and political radical, Alex has set himself the task or eradicating the status of nobility and redistributing the wealth of the country. He is extremely vocal about his views and he is currently passing around pain-stakingly hand written essays decrying the council, the upper class, and the poor provisions for the worst off in society, and working as many jobs as he can to be able to afford a printing press.


Class: Fighter

Weapon: Sword

XP Spent: 21/21

Total Hits: 15 + 3

Total Number of Calls:

  • Doubles
  • 1 Weaken per encounter
  • 1 Dodge per encounter + 1 dodge per each party member
  • 3 Wound 10 per encounter
  • 3 Strike down per encounter (4 for master crafted)
  • Double strike down at range
  • 3 Shatter per adventure
  • 2 Strengthen per adventure
  • 2 uses of plus one damage per encounter
  • 4 Determination per adventure
  • 4 Blind 10s, up to 3 per encounter
  • Double ranged strike down
  • shatter or immune entangle (30s)
  • weaken at range (30s)
  • +1 Damage when co-ordinating
  • 3 Resist All for 10s while retreating
  • 5 heal fulls


Level 1

  • Use Weapon
  • * 1 Weaken per encounter
  • Burly
  • * +1 Additional body hit
  • * Able to pick up comrades
  • Light armour +1
  • * 1 Additional armour hit
  • Tough
  • * +2 Additional body hits

Level 2

  • Weapon Talent 1
  • * 1 Wound 10 per encounter
  • * 1 Strikedown per encounter
  • * 1 Shatter per adventure
  • Tough
  • * +2 Additional body hits
  • Light Armour Swiftness
  • * 1 Dodge per encounter
  • Strength of arms
  • * Able to call doubles

Level 3

  • Single Handed Focus
  • * Triple the number of offensive calls given by weapon talent.
  • Improved determination
  • Toughness
  • * +2 Additional body hits
  • Mighty
  • * 2 Strengthens per adventure

Combat Path: Soldier

Soldier Skills

Level 1

  • Tactics

Level 2

  • Leave No Man Behind
  • * A number of dodges equivalent to the number of party members, to be used only when attempting to reach dropped party members.

Level 3

  • Small Unit Leadership
  • * +1 Damage against a specific target when coordinating with an ally

Level 4

  • I'll Hold Them Off
  • * 3x 10s of resist all calls while retreating

Background #1: Dabbler Mage

Rite: Scribing

Mage Skills

Level 1

  • The Closed Eye
  • * 4 Blind 10s, to be used 2 per encounter

Level 2

  • The Symbol of Creating
  • * 2 additional spells per adventure, limit of 3 per encounter

Background #2: Divine Favour of The Rightful

Level 1

  • Righteous Cause
  • * 10s of chanting

Level 2

  • What's Rightfully Mine
  • * 15s of chanting

Divine Aura

  • Every party member gains a heal 8 when serving the party cause


  • 83 riel
  • A standard sword
  • Standard light armour
  • A printing press
  • Income of 9 riel per adventure
  • Market stall
  • * +9 riel per adventure
  • * Can sell one item of up to 27 riel between adventures


The Fete
After an interesting encounter with a few fairies, an attempt to keep a few kids under control that failed miserably, and a near miss where he considered tying himself to Felicity supposedly forever, Alex finds himself 50 Riel up and only mildly injured and addicted from the encounter. Entirely worth it, right?

The Freeforms After the Fete
As it turns out, a fair few nobles seem very receptive to his ideas! Lucian Graves has promised him part of the funding he needs to buy a printing press on the condition that he can make up the remainder of the sums, which he's determined he will. This hasn't seemed to be hindered by his dalliance with Tabitha Terrec, who Lucian appears to be courting. Meanwhile, though he is still unsure how deep his personal feelings run for Tabitha, he's excited at the prospect of their partnership, in political ideals and now in their potential law firm 'Terrec and Everett'.

As of the 36 Hour
A lot happened over the course of a few days; he helped bring in a dangerous criminal wayfinder, then, horrified by what they planned to do with him and the precedent it set, he and Tabitha attempted (fruitlessly) to find a legal loophole to stop this. After that adventure he helped to rescue a missing girl (though sadly not the other party who had gone in to find others who had gone missing). The mission was successful, though he promised to compensate Hardy for the heal zero potions he had to use, and to buy Lionel a drink, and said he that he would wave part of his fee for the distraught mother… But on the bright side he should still have enough to buy his printing press!

Speaking of which; the purchase sparked a conversation with Armand Cargan, during which, against all probable odds, he appeared to gain a powerful ally. They have written and published 'The Fundamental Rights of Persons' together, and Armand is lobbying to have it be approved by the council.

And in a domino like effect, Jimmy Hoskins overheard that conversation, during which he mentioned the law firm he was starting with Tabitha, and agreed requested to meet with him about it. The meeting was… interesting. Suffice to say Terrec and Everett now have a pile of pro bono cases and Alex now has a job working for the Spice Guild… It's all been a bit whirlwind…

Incidentally, he may have joined the cult of the Great and Mighty Xavier, but he's not entirely sure…

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