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P. Elias Trevors


A comfortably well-to-do craftsman who recently decided to dedicate himself to worship of Zosimos the Curious. Having realised that adventurers seem to come across the most interesting things, he has decided to go travelling to see what he can see.


Class: Journeyman: Crafting

Background #1 and 2: Divine Favour: Zosimos the Curious


  • Crafter 1
  • Crafter 2
  • Adjustment
  • Tough
  • Zosimos Divine Aura
  • Zosimos Level 1 Miracle: Object of Fascination
  • Zosimos Level 1 Miracle: “…Oops”
  • Mix Potion 1 (Leeching Touch)
  • Mix Potion 2 (Restoration of the Flesh)
  • Advanced Mixing (level 2)


  • 9 potion slots between adventures
  • 7+2 hits
  • Once per encounter, by mixing together any two potions you can create an explosion as something goes wrong, you yourself are left looking frazzled but unharmed in the centre. The size of the explosion depends on the cheapest potion used. Class D MASS DOUBLE STRIKEDOWN, Class C MASS QUAD STRIKEDOWN, Class B MASS DOUBLE REND and Class A MASS QUINT REND.
  • Once per encounter, by holding up an object which intrigues you and gazing at it you can share your fascination with another. You may call MESMERISE at a target as both you and they become fascinated by it. As a note this miracle does require an object which you find genuinely interesting such as a puzzle box or strange crystal.
  • Once per adventure you may preface a question with the words “JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY” the target of the question will find themselves thoughtlessly answering the question before they can think better of it. They will in retrospect realise what they have done however.


  • Note: must spend a bit of crafting time on my bastard weapon between every encounter to make it work like a mastercrafted one. Then singles with bastard sword. (Otherwise singles with a standard sword.)
  • 1 use per encounter of the call given by Weapon Talent 1? (Gives doubles and a two-handed wound 10.)


  • 10m of rope
  • 2 alchemical light-sticks
  • 5 x Leeching Touch potions
  • 9R spare

XP Spent: 10


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