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A filk of 'Burn' from Hamilton the Musical, following Emily's internal monologues through out Gaining Favour.

I’ve read every pamphlet you wrote for her
Seen the way that you defend
With every line,
The Traitors design,
Penelope’s shrine.

I have never been interested in
Religion or any such games
But this obsession you have with her
Shows no bias when it makes its claims

Though I would not call what we have a friendship
You’re life is now somehow more centric
And each new adventure that we undertake
Each new encounter…

I’m staying behind like you told me to
I’m watching you battle for you life
With every blow
I’m watching you glow
And somehow I know
You just want to fight

Every word out your mouth is an argument
Some bitter complaint about how she is wrecking
Your life
Your families name
All while breaking your heart

Do you know you’re not fooling anyone
When you say that they’re wrong?
But then, though you know you look foolish
You will do what you must to stay strong.

And I will do what I can to support you
Poking at all the right buttons
Making you argue for the sake of argument
Just to annoy you-
You, you, you

There are feelings I’m starting to realize
Emotions that complicate choices
And decisions in battle
When you risk your life
You are in constant strife
And I want to fight
I need to fight

And while this will never be said
And while this will stay deep inside
It’s not like I’m trying to hide
I’m fighting beside you
fighting for justice
that she has denied you

She isn’t as smart as she thinks
She isn’t the one that you need
She just doesn’t care when you bleed
Well at least not like I do
When I see you fall

For you I will fight

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