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So They Say Filk

In the aftermath of An Ecumenical Matter… (to the tune of So They Say - Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)

(featuring Various Unnamed Acrynites, J. Hoskins, X. Sarmandastra, P. Cargan, A. Cargan, E. Anara, F. Graves, B. Banks)

So they say that Cargan girl’s a priest of the Traitor
That she’s dirtying up the streets (for shame!)

So they say that it’s real love
So romantic (what is love?)

So they say that the watch will be coming for us
We must flee by Monday, thanks to him (…thanks to me)

It’s an awful story
So they say: They’ll make this city decay
Rampant, Traitor, all of them
Let’s just ban the lot (let’s vote: okay!)

So they say he saved her life
They say he’s got divine power
But he’s clearly evil
I’ve got a problem with him (Emily: shut up, Armand)

This is so nice
I just might have them all under my thumb
They say then I’ll rule everything
They say Francesco’ll be on top (Armand: IMAGE NOT NEEDED)

This is perfect for me
So they say, I guess he’s pretty okay
After weeks of stormy sailing
Can I finally hide away?

Penny / Armand:
There’s no happy ending
So they say, not with him/her anyway
Should I stop pretending

Or is this a brand new way?
Or take the chance to win Francesco’s way?

What’s this here on my porch?
Bags of manure?!

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