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Hidden Qualities

(A double-drabble.)

Ambrosia peered through the curtains, a sliver of cool moonlight illuminating her face. She smiled to herself - what a productive night this had been.

She had once dismissed Tabitha as… unimportant. Everyone knew Tabitha was the kind of vapid society airhead who spent more time constructing inane romances than doing anything meaningful.

Which was, of course, rather the point.

Ambrosia liked to think she was good at what she did. But tonight, she had seen what true artistry looked like. She had been in the presence of genius.

Of course nobody would suspect Tabitha of being anything other than she appeared to be. Frankly, nobody would suspect Tabitha of having sufficient subtlety to plan a surprise version of one of her vacuous parties, let alone… this.

So. An ally in the family. An ally Ambrosia could learn much from.

And then… there was the other matter.

Ambrosia couldn’t think of a single reason why she hadn’t dealt with her little problem. She’d assured everyone that she would consult a mage – discretely – and she’d meant it at the time. She just… felt differently, now.

Anyway, this was just another secret. Nothing had changed, really.

She might stop teasing Alfie, though.

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