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A Consideration of Love

In many ways it is all about Love.

He does it for Love. Everyone loves him, with his raven hair, brilliant grin, and foreign charm. He loves himself, far too much some might say, and it is that love which started all this. He loves his wife I think. He loves his daughter more than anything in the world, even more than he loves himself. I’m pretty sure that is why it has come to this. Over protective and unwilling to let go, his loved has forced me to this.

She loves everyone. Everyone is special to her, close to her heart. I wonder if it hurts. She feels every slight directed at someone weak as if it were her own family disowning her. She cries so often, yet her smile is so bright. She embraces love and throws herself into it every time it is offered. I envy her strength to do that. But her love also blinds her; she wants to protect them as much as he wants to protect his daughter.

Then there is the other husband and devoted father. His love has always been subtle. I had almost mistaken his stoicism for indifference, it was a shock when I realised how deeply he cared for us. Yet he too buys into the need to protect his children. I think perhaps he also doesn’t want to be parted from us. Perhaps it would have been different in time, if his children were older and we were all a little wiser. I like to believe he would have sided with me eventually.

And my sister, she loves everything yet somehow this makes her distant from them. No burning passion for her, but a quiet sadness in the pain of others. A need to protect and make things right. I often wished she could find someone special to her. Perhaps things would have been better if she had found a passionate romance, although possible things would have been better if no-one had touched her heart at all. No grin and charming words to tell her that she could. No fiery red hair and childlike laugh to encourage her that she should. No quiet presence to comfort her when she couldn’t. She will never forgive herself when she realises what she has done. Better that she hates me.

“Allyssa, I’m sorry. I love you.”

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