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  • 92 years after the Revolution.
  • 20 years after the Upheaval.
  • 13 years after the Crowning of the Splintered Man, or simply “The Shattering”.
  • 26 days after Frederick Dines once again tried to free the world of restrictions.

He didn't know what they had done to disrupt his ritual, but he hoped they had survived to see what they had wrought. The hubris that they must have had to think they could understand the complexities of a ritual 20 years in the making was stagering. In the aftermath he had nearly given up and escaped to the Shattered Places, but he refused to live in a place where he wouldn't even have the freedom to keep his own mind. It was far too late to save humanity, even now the fire washed over the world, stripping it of life and leaving barren ash in its wake. There was still time to save a few though. He desperately kept ahead of the fire, gathering survivors and resources as he made his way towards humanities last hope. Helpfully, news of his mission seemed to be moving at a faster pace and when he arrived in a village they were already waiting for “He Who Walks the Wilderness” to save them. There was just the slightest possibility that Frederick Dines would still be victorious.

14 days later he stood before the sphere of darkness. He was confident that the fire could not touch this, that the dragons would forever be trapped beyond this dead world, and that a small number of people would be able to survive within a new world of possibilities created within the darkness. He stepped in.

“Let there be light!” he sniggered at himself, as he brought the beginning of a new world into being.

“I've finally done it. Never again shall Frederick Dines be bound by the will of another!”

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