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In the Eye of the Wilderness

A filk of 'Hurricane' from the musical Hamilton.


In the eye of the wilderness
There is quiet
Amidst the chaos
Consensus lies.

When I was twenty-one my family
Were summoned home,
Into a war zone,
We let the Council rise.

I fought my way out
Joined with the church, and struck up a calling,
I fought my way out,
Though granted, the blood and the mud were appalling

I journeyed into flux,
Sword before me,
Learned compassion - learned survival,
Learned there’s more to faith than a pre-established prayer
And a Founders' tale.

I fought my way out of hell
I fought so hard against the Traitor,
When I slipped between the cracks and I fell,
I fought against my own self-will as well,
I fought to make Acryn greater with every indignant yell,
And in the face of public humiliation,
I wrote pamphlets fostering the city’s salvation,
And when my pleas for tolerance were stifled unheard,
I stood by my God - I printed the word!

In the eye of the battlefield
There is quiet
For just a moment
The way is clear.

I was eighteen when Penelope
Left the family
Long ago, she might’ve talked to me;
I didn’t want to hear.

I fought my way out
Fought even my own hypocrisy,
I’ll fight my way out,
Rumours fade, and what’s left is me
This is the eye of the battlefield, this is the only
Way I can construct my legacy…

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