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Are You There

A filk of 'Are You There' from Bare: A Pop Opera.


Do you know – well, of course you do – what it’s like to be betrayed?
When the cousin you tormented was a friend you might have made,
See, I’ve hated her forever, but I mourned her when she died,
And I couldn’t spare her with my prayer, but you know how hard I tried,
And though they say that she can’t feel, you should have seen her when she cried.

Do you know – well, I guess you don’t – what it’s like to feel defeat?
When ideals you just discarded are the word upon the street?
See, I don’t support the Traitor, but this ban’s beyond absurd!
I’m trying to resolve this mess, but all they have’s my word.
And even on the street, it’s getting harder to be heard.

Are you there? Are you there?
Warrior, please hear my call.
If it turns out you won’t or can’t,
Why do we chant at all?
I’d have died a thousand deaths
Without the strength from you,
But would it be too much to ask
To share your wisdom too?
Will you tell me what I ought to do?
What to do?

Do you know – well, it seems you might – what it feels like to forgive?
You could tear each other’s world apart, but on balance, why not live?
Still I can’t resolve these feelings, and I’m too afraid to try,
‘Cause if I do, then who’s to say the rumours are a lie?
We’re opposites – we’re nemeses – but damned if I know why.

Warrior, hear my plea!
I need your judgement now,
Else why supply the strength I need,
And why demand my vow?
Say your will, and I’ll fulfil
Whatever you might need,
I’ll venture the impossible,
I’ll fight, I’ll beg, I’ll bleed!
Help me in the hour of my need.
Hour of need!

I’m lost within this maze,
The only time I’m certain
Is when I’m under your gaze!
Emily would laugh, but
I just need to know your aim,
And though I long to see your face,
I’d settle for a name!
I need to know for sure that you can hear,
Send a sign so that I know you hear,
Hear my plea…

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