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In My Life

(Set directly after Night of the Rooster. Sung to the tune of In My Life from Les Miserables.)

How strange,
This feeling that I might have won at last,
This change,
How is it that I fall in love so fast?
What’s the matter with you, Armand?
Are you seriously this blind?
I must have gone insane.
I must have lost my mind.

In my life,
I have loved too unwisely to say what I’m feeling is smart,
In my life,
I have sacrificed all for a monster before and it cost me my heart.
But it seems
It’s a lesson that didn’t stick,
Otherwise, why’d I fall for this crude, arrogant prick?

But he’s ardent and noble behind all the games,
Isn’t nearly as monstrous or vile as he claims,
In my life,
Is this pillock the love of my life - am I really undone?
Is this what I’ve become?

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