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The Acryn Adventurer's Guild


A guild in name only, the Adventurer's Guild is a mercantile endeavour, offering services to those who would not normally have the means or wherewithal to arrange an adventuring party to do so on their behalf, and providing logistical support to the adventurers hired to fulfil the tasks. Offering a complete bespoke service from problem to solution, the Adventurer's Guild even offer to support those who wouldn't usually be able to afford to hire a party by coming to an agreement with them regarding goods or services that may be exchanged for their efforts instead, then taking care of the associated hassle of monetising these assets. They are based in the only building on Mosia Lane, a small, purpose-built street that recently sprung up at the heart of Acryn's Merchant Quarter.

The Adventurer's Guild seem to be surprisingly adept at quickly gathering information on the missions they send adventurers on, especially where these missions take said adventurers outside of the city, and as such they are able to provide an exceptional level of logistical support in the form of hired Wayfinders, specialist equipment and even covering the costs of meals and accommodation.

For an additional fee to their clients, the guild also offer anonymity, should they not wish to be visibly associated with the task that they wish an adventuring party to fulfil, and services such as targeted advertisement and recruitment to ensure that the right kinds of people are hired for a particular job.


  • the “Adventurers’ Guild”
  • Ye Olde Adventurers Guilde
  • The Adventurer Guild
  • The Adventurer’s Union
  • The Guild of Adventurers
  • Guild Adventurers
  • The Serradic Union of Explorers
  • The Strossbourgian Department of Reasonably Cautious Expeditions
  • The Adventurers’ Great Union of Intrepid Lovers of Discovery


Elias Parr

Elias Parr is a well-dressed, enthusiastic man who acts as a receptionist and primary representative for the guild. He is always keen to see the sorts of adventuring talent the guild attracts, and seems to have more of an emotional attachment to this than he does to the circumstances or details of any of the missions he recruits them for.

The Chairman

Though occasionally mentioned by Elias, nobody claims to have met the mysterious and reclusive individual who runs the Adventurer's Guild, referred to only as “The Chairman”.


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