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Initial Brief

It's difficult to miss the posters going up all over Acryn:



To celebrate Acryn's enormous variety of taverns and other drinking venues, the LEAGUE OF FUN has decreed a PUB CRAWL to be held for ALL AND ANY who wish to participate!

For more information, meet at The Jolly Good Time for the first of many many drinks!



Following the aftermath of the chaos of the Acryn-wide pub crawl, looting and drunken rioting on a large scale across the city eventually subsides and the party take what they can of interest from the house The Jester was allegedly at.

The man who was masquerading as the Jester, a man known as Leonard, is taken away by the Adventurer's Guild for his involvement in the planning and implementation of the drugging of Acryn's population and the orchestration of several grand heists on the Noble houses, and the Guild quickly lays chase to The Jester who Leonard reports as having headed to the Dragongate with what he managed to clear out of the house.

Of what remains of stolen riches at the house, Nobody and Paradai pocket 73R between them while Heather looks over the documents. She finds Alchemical Notes on how exactly to create the potion that was used to trick so many people into seeing what The Jester wanted them to see and takes those. They also find an illustrious painting and a necklace belonging to Olivia Darrish that they decide to return to their rightful owners.

First, they head back to the Graves Estate. It's in quite a state after the looting, but Lord Graves is in one piece hiding in the depths of the house with the family safe. He's very thankful that the party got to him before the others and did the decent thing of warning him and fending off the looters and rewards the party 50R each. They give the painting to Graves who says he'll make sure it goes to its rightful owner.

Heather asks Graves about the alchemical notes she found. He says it will take him some time to understand and replicate the effects and takes them off Heather's hands in exchange for her being allowed to watch and learn under him.

Nobody ensures that checks are being made by the Adventurer's Guild to hunt down The Jester and the names of people heading onto boats through the Dragongate are to be taken by Graves and the Guild and checked against the name Nobody found for The Jester: Stewart Scotch.

They then head to Olivia Darrish to return her necklace. With… persuasion from Heather, she eventually rewards the party 20R each for the safe return of the necklace and is given the address of The Jester's house to send guards to to check for anything else of note.


  • 37R looted from The Jester's house
  • 50R reward from House Graves
  • 20R reward from House Darrish
  • = 107R total


  • 36R looted from The Jester's house
  • 50R reward from House Graves
  • 20R reward from House Darrish
  • = 107R total
  • Master Crafted Jester's Hat


  • 50R reward from House Graves
  • 20R reward from House Darrish
  • = 70R total
  • Copies of alchemical notes on the potion used by The Jester
  • A vial of Mysterious Potion
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