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Heather Goodwill


Heather Goodwill, real name Beatrice Galvano, is the daughter of a wealthy merchant and a prominent member of the Spicer’s Guild. She had an easy life and more books than she could ever read as a child. However, her parents made sure that she wasn’t too spoiled, and her mentors’ full satisfaction was required before her wishes were granted.

She has always loved stories, happy or sad, fast-paced or idyllic, tales of epic adventures, of intrigues and romance, of terrifying beasts, knights in shiny armour and of powerful mages. She dreamt of being a part of them and experiencing the hardships and the glorious victories for herself. Alas, she didn’t seem suited for such life.

She had a way with words and could tell incredible stories. However her family, as always focused on trade and material wealth, did not approve of her devoting her life to literature without making any profit. Finding a compromise wasn’t easy and Beatrice was proud of the solution she has found. After talking to various people and listening for gossip, she was put in contact with an Adventurers’ Guild and was offered good money for writing down the stories of the successful adventures in order to gain them some positive publicity. She was delighted. She accepted the offer immediately and took the pen-name “Heather Goodwill”.

Her family had more concerns, but in the end – and thanks to her stubbornness – they decided to let her pave her own path, as every one of them did in their time. They were also less optimistic about it and did their best to pull her down to earth. Having failed that, they resigned themselves to paying for her fencing lessons, so that she wouldn’t be completely helpless if she got into trouble. As it turned out, she was reasonably skilled with a rapier, and they let out a sigh of relief.

Soon enough they realised that it only gave her confidence, and as a consequence she decided to tag along with some adventurers’ parties to witness the events first-hand. It was nigh impossible to change her mind, once she was set on something.


Class: Journeyman

Skill Focus: Medicine

Background #1: Diplomat

Background #2: Weapon (rapier)

Background #3: Divine Favour of the Splintered Man


Level 1:

  • Wealth
  • Well-Versed
  • Emergency Aid
  • Mix Potion (Plug the Flow of Life)

Level 2:

  • Resuscitate
  • patch up

Background Skills

Level 1:

  • Diplomacy
  • Use weapon (rapier)
  • look behind you

Level 2:

  • Fast Talk
  • aura
  • rapier talent


  • LEAVE DAMMIT! (heal 6)
  • SNAP OUT OF IT! (end Rend)
  • HEAL 4
  • Just hear me out (30 s listening)
  • WEAKEN x1

Exp: 12/12

HP: 5+2

Income: 27 R


  • 81 Riel
  • 3 grenades
  • 1 plug the flow of life #2 (heal 1)
  • 15 plug the flow of life #1 (heal 0)
  • Stored away:
    • Mystery potion #1 [OC: Rampant's miracle potion]
    • notes on hallucinogenic potions (also given to Lord Graves?)

Addiction: Passion lvl 1


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