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Draconic Doewemers


The Draconic Doewemers are ritual spells directly inspired by the influence of a Dragon upon a mortal mage's mind. They are the pinnacle of the arcane arts but spectacularly rare. Only five mages in the history of Acryn are known to have created Draconic Doewemers, giving their names to the spells in the process and often being driven quite mad as a result.

The Draconic Doewemers are unique among rituals in that they can never truly be understood (even by their creator) until the moment they are cast. The Doewemers are capable of producing truly unique and world-shaking effects upon their invocation. The five Draconic Doewemers known of in Acryn are currently bound within the 'Dragonskin Grimoire' held in the vaults of the College of the Stars.

The known Draconic Doewemers are:

  • The Killing Sphere of Oooberous - associated with the rite of fracturing
  • Dammerung’s Requiem of the Flesh - associated with the rite of wounding
  • The 18th Rune of Atrivium - associated with the rite of scribing
  • Vulstragorn’s Crimson Key - associated with the rite of binding
  • Mulverain’s Perfect Word - associated with the rite of consumption

Recent discoveries suggest that another Draconic Doewemer exists, this a working of Consumption granted to Sigvald the Rampant.


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