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The Enigmatic Engine


The rumour goes that around fifty years ago the founder of the Watchmakers Guild, the Archmage Egreg, created a wondrous machine that he hoped to harness the raw energy of mana; magic without the need for man; spells cast with gears and cogs. While a genius, Egreg, was widely considered to be slightly eccentric and as his great work consumed his life he became increasingly erratic and some claimed he was driven completely mad by the project.

In reality, Egreg was cursed with madness, but forsaw the fate that would befall him when his madness eventually killed him. The Enigmatic Engine was designed to help him escape that fate. As madness descended upon him Egreg researched his affliction and came to understand the Labyrinth; the realm of madness. An infinite maze that ensnares the souls the mad when they die. The Enigmatic Engine, a key to the labyrinth, was designed to rescue Egreg's soul from its endless torment.

After being united with the magical eyes that empowered it the Engine dragged a group of Adventures into the Labyrinth and successfully rescued Egreg. After being set free it now inhabits (unknown to most) one of the attics in the College of Stars.


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